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Dec 2, 2004
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For my first review I picked up Gamestop's DS Lite Case. This Case when I bought it only came in white, which was ok for me because I have a white DS. The price of the case is 19.99 usd, I had just bought my DS lite and wanted something to put it in.

What you get-
For 19.99 usd, you get (1) soft white case, (1) stylus DS lite, (1) Hard Shell Game Case, and (1) LED flashlight.
I have used the flashlight for other things so it is not pictured here. Its a small keychain flashlite you can get for 0.99 cents at any dollar store.

About the product-
The game Case holder is very sturdy. It holds (3) DS games, (2) GBA games, and (1) Backup stylus. I had a problem with it holding an EFA-Linker, as the EFA was slightly too big for the case. But it holds the G6 shell nicely. All the new nopass devices like the superkey fit perfectly. This case closes and has a small plastic latch that seems pretty sturdy.

The Soft case Holds both the DS lite and the game Case. The DS lite fits pretty snug and I felt it was protected well. Then I added the game case, and it seemed to not fit so well. It was very tight and I noticed that my L & R buttons were pushed in. After reading some posts about some peoples L & R buttons going out, I decided to take the hard case out. You know its poor design when the Soft case wont even close all the way when both the DS lite and the Game case are inside.

The case also has a way for you to carry it. You can attach it to your belt if you are wearing one. I tried it it seems to work fairly well, I would have rather had a strap of some sort.

The soft case is nice, and the hard shell game holder is nice, but when used together you get the feeling that you are smushing your DS Lite. It just seems like a waste to not be able to put both items in the soft case without feeling like you are going to break your DS. The price is way too much for something like this. You could probably get a better case on ebay for cheaper.

-soft case, protects DS Lite very well
-game holder is nice, does not hold tons of game but will protect the game you are using.

-smushes your DS's L&R buttons when used with the game holder
-does not close all the way when used with the game holder
-only comes in white (for now)

( score 3/10 )
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