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    Dec 27, 2005
    Game BoyMicro by Kirby102


    The Game Boy has been the best portable video game system ever! And the series goes on... there was the normal Game Boy, Color, Super, Advance and now this. Over time, there have been some revisions of the portable handhelds... this resulted in the Game Boy Pocket from the Game Boy. Nintendo has done it again with the GBA, providing Game Boy Advance SP. Once again, they went further and the Game Boy Micro was announced during E3 2005. This has also applied to the recent handheld, the Nintendo DS and the DS Lite.


    In a normal GBM box, you are given the following:
    • 1x Nintendo Game Boy™ Micro Portable Video Game System[*] 1x Game Boy™ Micro Soft Pouch[*] 1x Game Boy™ Micro Alternative Faceplate[*] 1x Game Boy™ Micro Faceplate removal tool[*] 1x Game Boy™ Micro AC Adapter
    The GBM is not an ordinary GBA. It features 5 backlit brightness levels by holding L and turning up the volume; a smaller, yet sharper image during gameplay; customisable faceplates with ease.


    The GBM is an interesting handheld, as it weighs two-thirds the weight of an iPod Mini. With the inclusion of the small form factor, the screen has to be compressed as well. This has achieved a more contrasted image which is proven to be effective as more sharper images are produced. The GBM is capable of interchanging faceplaces with the help of a tool used to replace it, so you can be cool and have fun with it.

    Although problems start to arise here. This has been taken from the DS, as it is not backwards compatible with older Game Boy games. (GB, GBC games don't work) Another issue due to the small-form factor is the feature of GCN-GBA connection. The GCN-GBA cable doesn't work with teh GBM, so there would be no point in thinking the use for the Gamecube.

    + Brighter Screen, more clearer images, small form factor, customisable faceplates
    ? Odd button layout, digital volume control, not backwards compatible with GB and GBC games, unable to connect with GCN for games which needs GBA use


    With the current GBA games, there is alot of software for it. Homebrew is even capable of it with the use of a GBA flashcart. Although, the GBM isn't capable of playing backward-compatible games since the GBC, so don't get your hopes up with your GB/GBC collection.

    + Plays all your favourite GBA games with a clearer and brighter image
    ? Can't play GB / GBC software on GBM


    The performance of the GBM isn't loosely based on how well the hardware runs, as it works with all your current GBA collection, no matter what game it is [other than GBA that is...]. The backlit screen is a significant enhancement to the GBA SP, as the older GBA SP models used a frontlit screen, which didn't brighten the screen enough. Without the headphones, you will be playing your games on MONO. This is due to the only audio speaker the GBM contains.

    + Well-presented backlit screen and no need for headphone jack (for GBA SP) needed will ease the possibility of enjoying it.
    ? May be difficult to play music-based games that are dependant on stereo sound with mono audio output.


    The Game Boy™ Micro is indeed a wonderful product from Nintendo, with its ups and downs, it is a balanced handheld if you are just going to play GBA games on. But for other purposes, such as playing your GB/GBC collection, stick with your normal GBA or GBA SP; whereas if you wish to play the latest stuff, get a DS. This is not an alternative to a normal GBA if you are using it for the latter purpose, and it will not connect to the Gamecube. If you have the money, consider it for a DS, better yet... for a Wii... Unless you are desperate for this and you have a hell lot of cash to spend it on.

    + Smaller body and brighter screen providing a sharper and clearer picture. Not to mention brighter images too.
    + Replaceable faceplates provided will give the GBM a more 'cool' sense of fashion.
    ? Odd button placement which possibly causes cramps for large hands.
    ? Unable to play backward compatible games such as GB/GBC anymore, also can't connect to the Gamecube unless modifying the GCN-GBA Link cable.

    / 10

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