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    Defend your castle – WiiWare – 500 Wii Points.


    Talk about a dream come true. Who has never drawn a picture on a piece of paper at school before, and whish wish it could come to life, hope Nintendo is reading, because that would be a cool handheld, any way back to the defend you castle on WiiWare. Anyone who had a computer in the last four to five years knows this game, Like most people, I would play the hell out of it when usually am supposed to be doing some dumb word exercise (that explains a lot about my spelling and grammar I guess). With simple controls and a fun idea, this is one game that needs to be played online for free or on the Wii for only 500 points.


    Really there Is no story, none that we know of. From what I hear the king of a wonderful kingdom has gone bad and not girls gone wild bad, but really bad, and the villagers are attacking, and now you must help the king buy killing any and all.

    Game Play

    For a game that has been free for such a long it, it’s hard to want to pay five dollars for it, but that five dollars goes a long way. From bombs to a spray can there are now more ways to kill stick men then than ever before. Plus the other team can be made to help, which is part of the new upgrade system.


    Money is earned by serving a round; points will act as cash to upgrade the castle.
    Many upgrades won’t do a thing if the other team’s men are have not been converted; so the first thing to buy is the pit of conversion

    Pit of Conversion
    (Buy this first)

    Simply use the god hand to pick of a stick man that wants to kill you, and after a short while they will appear on the top of the screen and become your friend, is that not the sweetest thing you ever heard, now to show them you are friends, how about you strap him to a bomb and throw him back in to his old family [​IMG]

    God Hand

    Pick the stick men and let go, or raise them as high as possible or just slam them down to the ground. You never run out of this. You also start with the god hand.


    This is one upgrade that needs to have the Pit. After buying this upgrade, the tower will be built, but it will still need to have men to put in it. The more men in, the more shots they will shoot, the better there aim, so put as many as possible.


    This upgrade will make it so the god hand can do more, with the eraser; there will a one hit kill, this will help a lot since some enemies will need to be hit many times before they will fall. Also there is a spray can that acts like the Pit but there is no need to wait, just use the spray can and they will be ready to die even sooner. After each power is used they will have to recharge. But the more men on the tower the faster it will recharge.

    The Bomb Tower
    (Suicide stickmen)

    When the door has many stick men on it and there is nothing to do, the only thing that can be done is blow them all up. Once this upgrade is bought, the stick men that you have put on your team can be used to walk out the door and blow up every one around them.

    Stone Masons Shop

    This upgrade works while in play and the more men in the tower the better it will do. This will repair the castle without having to wait until the round is over. I would hate to be the bomber man and the guy next to me was a stone mason; can you imagine the smile and the wave he would give?

    After the round is over

    This is when upgrading the castle can be done, and you can also use some tools to fortify your walls, so the health will be more, and the castle can last longer.

    The Stages

    They are in infinite supply and merely increase in difficulty each time you win, but they will never change in look; they will go from day to night, to show when the round is over.


    As simple as its gets, You point and click and throw, using the A or B button. To use the upgrades you must click a button on the d-pad (Ex. Push down for the easer). To use the bomb men, click on the tower. when they run out, click on them and watch the fun. The rest of the towers just need men to work and will not need any thing else to make them do there job.

    Graphics and Sound

    if you draw a stick man on piece of paper right now, that’s the art style. While a lot of people talk about lost winds art style, I find this one to have a better look and feel to it, with its great color and effects, and even a cut out back drop. The sounds of the game both shine and flop. While simple they are very funny. All the effects are done with voices, such as the explosions (just go make a blow up sound and there you have it). Not much music to speak of. This is one title that would have shinned shined with the help with some crazy music, or even If you were able to use a SD card, to listen to Mp3’s.

    Lasting Appeal

    (Did you love the first one,) might not need this if you enjoy a game that only gets harder (and that is about it,) might not need this either you will love it, and if you are wanting a full experience then you may want to look else where. its only 500 points, and if you have the points you will be happy you spent the cash (sorry points).


    Simple and fun, a game that takes you back to a time where games did not need a lot to make it fun, just an idea, with a great look and feel, defend your castle is a stand out title.

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