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    Aug 6, 2004
    2 pieces of role playing on one cartridge [​IMG] (excuse me for any spelling errors I make)

    Everyone knows about the final fantasy story's, they're the most popular RPG made. The first 2 final fantasys were made on the NES, after a long time they have been remade on the GBA, with better graphics, gameplay and story...well I'm not that sure about the story... Alright let me entertain you guys with my first review:

    Final Fantasy I&II : Dawn of souls

    The first thing that catched my eye was that they didn't spend that much time on the storyline, there was an intro movie, but that was about it, also there was the same thing with the evolution of your characters, of course i'm only talking about the personality, cuz the levels and magic stuff you'll get is playing an important role in it. At the beginning you can choose 4 characters, with everyone having their own job (aahhh..the job system) and after that you pretty much travel the world fighting evil, this happens in randoms fights (and boss fights) in dungeons and other places, the world map for example, the world map is something that you just need to have in an RPG game, when square stopped doing it from FFX, it really dissapointed me.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The music in Final fantasy I and II is the thing that started it all, most of the music remixers use FF songs, there may be around 20 songs in it, but it's one of the best music I ever heard in games.

    New elements

    Final Fantasy II is almost the same as the first one, but it comes out a bit more modern. Thanks to the storyline (wich I think is still a bit skinny). The heroes have an own name and there's a better plot. But the things that the games miss in the story is fixed by the gameplay. The graphics are polished, and look a lot better than the original games. And when you have finished the games, don't worry you can play some new things in it. Magic works with MP this time, instead of using all your magic and only choosing mages ate the beginning smile.gif. IN FFI there is the soul of chaos dungeon, where you can find unique items, like Ultima Weapon and where you can fight against various bosses of the FF series. And last but not least, there was an extra storyline in FFII where you can play the standard game with not playable characters. For me these new elements were enough reasons to play Final Fantasy I&II once again...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gameplay : 9.0
    excellent old school style RPG

    Graphics : 7.8
    not the best graphics ever, but it let's you keep that warm feeling

    Music&sound : 8.5
    just the theme is already one of the best music parts I ever heard

    Replay : 8.7
    as said above, you can play the game 2 times with new elements added

    Overal : 88/100
    in my opinion the second best RPG on the GBA (Golden sun is my favorite, might make a review about that)

    I my review gets approved, and you guys like it, I may write reviews more often... until then cya all later [​IMG]

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