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    Oct 5, 2004

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Titlescreen - Choosing a savegame

    A new refreshing Donkey Kong game for the GBA is finally arrived. The concept for this game
    is to jump from one peg to another and climb to the top of the level... Sounds easy? You'd wish.
    There are 3 different modes: Adventure mode, Single-player Jungle Jam and Multiplayer Jungle Jam.

    First we have the Adventure mode. The Adventure mode is divided into 5 different worlds:
    Jungle World, Wild West World, Aqua World, Ice World and K Kruiser III. In the Adventure mode
    you just have to exit every level and then defeat the endboss of that world.

    Second we have Single-player Jungle Jam. This is some kind of collection of bonusgames that can be
    unlocked by collecting the medals in Adventure mode.

    Multiplayer Jungle Jam is like Single-player Jungle Jam, but then in multiplayer.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Obstacle Race In SPJJ - Attack Battle In SPJJ

    STORY 6,5/10

    Donkey Kong and Cranky are talking about a competition they are going to have soon. They
    decided to put the prize medals somewhere safe, but then King K. Rool arrives with his cruiser
    and steals all the medals. Donkey Kong now want's to chase King K. Rool to retrieve the medals.

    After the cutscene you start with a tutorial on how to move, jump and attack. At first the
    controls are a bit confusing but later on they are really simple to handle. I don't think you
    can put much more story to this game then this, but still, it isn't that original...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Playing the tutorial - Viewing worldoverview of Jungle World

    GAMEPLAY 8/10

    The gameplay is nice and simple, jump from one peg to the other and collect banana's, diamonds
    and medals. While jumping up the pegs, you will also encounter enemies like birds, bees, mouses
    and so on. And ofcourse at the end of one map there is the traditional endboss. Only at the
    endboss you have to think a bit on how to defeat them, the regular enemies are easy to kill with
    a charge attack. The meaning of collecting banana's is to be able to fill your hearts and to go
    banana's. (a bit like starman in the super mario games)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Necky's Canyon level- Fighting the endboss of Aqua World

    GRAPHICS 9/10

    The graphics are really refreshing and clean, a bit more cartooney if I may say so. If you look
    at the other Donkey Kong games you will notice the difference in graphics style. All of the
    characters, Donkey Kong, enemies and all the others are animated nice and smooth.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Puzzling Piramid level- Cold Cold Forest level

    SOUND 7/10

    The music and sounds are ok. You can recognise pieces of music from the old Donkey Kong games
    but most of the music is new. The tunes are catchy in the beginning but if you are stuck on a
    certain level, the music can really bug you...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    One of the bonusgames during the levels - Ship Of Souls level

    CONTROLS 8/10

    Like I said in the beginning, the controls are confusing at first. But when you start to play the
    real levels and advance in them, you will start to get used to the controls and most of the other
    levels will be easy to handle.


    + Refreshing Donkey Kong Game
    + Graphics
    + Gameplay

    - Music can bug you sometimes
    - A little short
    - Maybe to easy for the more advanced players

    Final: 8/10

    written by teh_raf3

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