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    Nov 10, 2003
    Creative Zen Micro 5GB Review

    The Creative Zen Micro is creatives counterpart to the ipod mini. So I will be comparing it to the ipod mini

    Size does matter.The unit weighs 3.8oz with the battery compared to 3.6oz of the ipod mini but I couldn't tell the difference in weights. The micro is more square shaped than the mini and fits nicely into your hand. It comes in a variety of coloured faces but they all have a white back and sides.

    The micro comes with a CD that contains the drivers and Creative MediaSource. The installation is very easy and took no time at all. Creative MediaSource is frankly horrible, It took me 1/2 of an hour to figure out how to put music on it because the interface is so cluttered. I did however find a program called Notmad ( that made it as easy as drag and drop but the trial version only has certain features so you need to pay $15 to get the full version.


    The touchpad takes a little getting used to (1hr) because it is so sensitive so I suggest turning it down to low (default: medium) but once you figure it out it is awesome. The menu is quite simple and you scroll using the touchpad and select by tapping it. You can customize the menu and add or remove options. It is alot like the ipod mini firmware.

    Extra Features

    The Micro has an FM radio and a Microphone. The FM radio is hard to figure out but once you figure it out it is a breeze and it has surprisingly good quality despite the fact that it doesn't have and antenna. You also have the option of Recording FM radio but it would have been cool if you could program it to record automatically at certain times or work like a Tivo letting you rewind and pause the radio but you can't have it all. The microphone is a bit on the quiet side but works quite well for fake news reports or interviews but is too quiet to use as a recorder for lectures in university. The ipod mini does have some games on it but that is what a GBA is for.

    Sound Quality

    The sound quality is perfect up to the second highest volume setting where you hear some fuzz but if you are deaf enough to need it that high you probably wouldn't notice it. The earbuds that come with it are comfortable because they have a foamy cover (that will fall off a few weeks after) but the ipod phones are slightly better.

    + nice size and weight
    + simple firmware
    + Radio
    + Microphone
    + Good 3rd Party software support
    + Good sound quality
    + comfy earphones

    - Screen is fingerprint prone
    - Horrible software
    - No games
    - quiet mic
    - expensive compared to Zen touch

    The Zen Micro easily beats the ipod in most ways. However it is worth noting that if you pay $50 more you can get a
    Zen Touch 20gb. The Micro is $50 more than the ipod mini but you get 1gb more.


    Overall Score


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