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    Aug 3, 2006
    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow:

    The sequal to the super hit action game, Castlevania:Aria of Sorrow. Konami has been releasing many castlevania since 1987 and now, the one of the best action game out there for you gamers.

    The Story take place in the year 2036, a year after Soma learned everything about the castle that appear inside the eclipes. The cult leader of the secret cult, Celia, shows up and wants him to enter the competion to become the dark lord. Later, Soma received infos from Hammer and track Celia down to her cult base to stop celia from creating a new dark lord.

    Think of Action games, what do you get? Hack and slash you say? Yes, this game contains a lot of hack and slash. The main character, Soma, is the guy that you will be controlling. Soma have the ability to absorb souls from monsters he kill to gain that monster's ability. He can also get access to the equipment menu to change his weapons to fit just right for the monsters. There are bosses in in this game. The story will unfold as you explore the castle and defeat bosses. The bosses need the seal to beable to defeat it. If you drew the wrong seal or did not finish drawing it before the time runs out, the boss will gain some health and will continue killing you until you draw the correct seal.


    Think, Symphony of the Night(The Best Castlevania game that released on PS1 in 1997) picture its quality and put it together with Aria of Sorrow from GBA. What do you get? An amazing quality! The animation just better than Aria of Sorrow, but not as good as Symphony of the Night(This is the first Castlevania for the DS and the Konami team wasn't very sure that DS can handle such a thing, so expect even better stuff in Portrait of Ruin(release somewhere around this november))The framerate looks really smooth. The design of the castle is just fantastic. Certain background in the sidescrolling map, were replace with 3D graphic creating the depth for the background. The enemies, unlike in Aria of Sorrow were now using "real" color which did not give you a "cartoony-look" The thing that I like the most for the graphic would be the shadow that follows Soma around when he moves because the animation looks so smooth, it creates a nice effects that he has some power in his body(or some people may think that he's no human ^^; I wish I have one)


    The sound quality simply over come the Aria of Sorrow. The Konami put a good use of DS's better sound card. This game has the BGM which fits the stage, perfectly. I don't know how they did it but when you are in certain area of the map and that music start playing, You'll feel like you are there yourself. Just like in many Castlevania games, some old school BGM from the NES versions will be remastered and put them here, in the newer game. It does not concern me that they reuse the old theme. After all, it gives you the idea that you are playing castlevania. You know it when you heard the song.
    Replay Value:

    There are several endings. The worst, bad, good, and the best ending. By completing the best ending unlock you everything in the game. When you unlock Julius mode, you can replay the game as Julius Belmont, who use "vampire killer," Yoko, Magician, and Alucard, the son of dracula(main character for SOTN). You can also start a new game using the save that you beated the game to keep your weapons, money and certain souls at the start.


    Gameplay - You hack and slash lover. This game is for you. The whole map links together like metroid. Great soul, weapon and magic seal system. 9/10
    Graphic - Great graphic. Just a step down from Symphony of the Night. 8/10
    Sound - Several Remixes, and up-beat musics all the way through out the game -9/10
    Replay-ability - It's always pleasure to touch is game again until you get 100% (or more) for map and 100% souls. 7/10
    Overall - Really not a bad start for the DS Konami! Fluid animation and great system. Too bad Soma can't use combination key like Alucard. 8/10

    Final Rating: 8.2 / 10

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