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    Bleach DS: Souten ni Kakeru Unmei


    Bleach DS: Souten ni Kakeru Unmei is a 2-4 player Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection fighting game based on the manga/anime BLEACH for the Nintendo DS. It was developed by Treasure, published by Sega, and is currently only available via import from Japan. Bleach DS resembles another one of Treasure’s games, Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen, because of its fighting system, though obviously Bleach’s fighting system is a more improved version than the around ten year old one made for Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen. Bleach DS’s gameplay is somewhat simple, but fun and always frantic. 2 to 4 players battle a level with two planes. Players switch planes by using L. Guarding can be performed by using the R button or by using the B button with a combination of other buttons. Characters are controlled using the D-pad and can double jump or perform a dash (Shunpo or flash step) by pressing B. The three other face buttons are used for attacks, weak, medium, and strong. Players can perform specials and supers by performing button combinations or touching a button on the touch screen. There are three status bars in Bleach DS: health, special, and super. The special bar is replenished by attacking, getting attacked, or just waiting. The super bar is replenished by attacking or getting attacked. Along with buttons on the bottom screen for specials and supers there are cards you can use to affect status changes. Overall Bleach DS’s fighting system is fast paced and very entertaining.

    The Bleach DS game menu has many selections. Story Mode allows players to be only Ichigo at first, but once his story is cleared a few other characters’ stories are unlocked and can be played to unlock new characters. Of all the character there are 28: Genryusai, Komamura, Ukitake, No-mask Komamura, Yoruichi, Soifon, Rukia, Tosen, Kyoraku, Chad, Ichigo, Renji, Kenpachi, Ganju, Ichimaru, Hitsugaya, Hinamori, Byakuya, Orihime, Uryu, Kurotsuchi, Hollow Ichigo, Aizen, Nemu, Tatsuki, Kon, Bonnie, and Yachiru. A pretty nice character list, but it is missing Urahara Kisuke and Ikkaku for other minor characters such as Bonnie and Tatsuki. The next mode is Arcade Mode. In arcade mode players select a character they have unlocked and play through a series of six matches without any text such as in story mode. At the end of each character’s arcade mode either a level 4 card or 200,000 points are obtained. The next menu is VS mode. In VS mode there are four sub-menus: VS CPU, Wireless Battle, Download Play, and Wi-Fi Connection. VS CPU is just a single match against the computer. Wireless Battle is fun though finding someone else with a copy of the game might be hard. Download Play is decent compared to other games as it lets each person select any character that is on the host’s card though the time it takes to download the game and restart matches might be a setback. Of all the VS modes Wi-Fi Connection is where Bleach DS shines. Bleach DS’s Wi-Fi matches consist of either 2 or 4 players each selected randomly unless friend’s codes have been entered in which a search for friends could be made. Players are found fairly quickly (less than 5 minutes for a two player match) and opponents put up a challenge compared to the computer. The only downside to Bleach DS’s Wi-Fi is that most matches are somewhat laggy if it’s being played outside Japan. Overall Bleach DS’s Wi-Fi definitely wasn’t a letdown. The next mode is Training Mode. In training mode the computer can be set to attack, standstill, or guard while both the player and computer constantly regenerate all their status bars. The next mode is Challenge Mode. In challenge mode certain moves are required to be done by available character in order to get cards or points. The next mode is Deck Construction. In Deck Construction cards are managed in six separate decks. Cards are obtained through most of the modes and by buying them through the Urahara shop. The next mode is Urahara Shop. In Urahara Shop there are four shopping menus: cards, graphics and sounds, passwords, and Omakes (special pictures). In the final original menu, Gallery, sound-tests, background music, and images are viewed. In addition to all of these modes there are two addition modes: Time Attack and Survival Mode. Both are unlocked from completing the final episode of story mode. In Time Attack mode there is a set time to complete all of the matches or the player loses. In Survival mode all lost health is carried on from match to match. There are certainly many different modes to play Bleach DS that should take up much of a player’s time.

    Bleach DS is definitely one of the DS’s better Japanese imports. The Japanese is easy to get a hang of and the only thing a translation guide might be needed for is managing cards. Controls are simple and the 1-touch specials on the touch screen couldn’t make doing supers or specials any easier. The graphics are very good for a 2D game. The sprites are well detailed and super attacks couldn’t look nicer. Sure the story mode can be beaten in less than a week, but with Wi-Fi Connection and Download Play the fun shouldn’t stop for a long time. The DS has needed a good fighter and has finally received one. Even if you haven’t seen or read Bleach you should enjoy this game. Bleach DS really performs a bankai.


    Graphics – Well detailed sprites and anime cut-scenes provide a well looking game – 8.0
    Sound – Japanese voices and background music are true to the anime – 8.0
    Gameplay – Treasure’s fighting system couldn’t be better – 9.5
    Replay-ability – While the story mode lacks in it, Wi-Fi and Download Play flourish – 8.5
    Overall Game – A fast fighter with challenging matches that prove to be very fun even with its minor flaws and missing characters – 8.5

    Final Rating: 8.5/10

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