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    Nov 22, 2003
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    BitGenerations – DotStream

    BitGenerations, a series of games coming straight out of Japan, almost as an experiment. I would go so far as to not even call it a game, but call it a coffee table flash, the name taken where you would lay down a GB Micro on your coffee table and when you have guests, let them play around with BitGenerations. It is a simple game, one where anybody can pick up and play. This particular game, DotStream, takes on the concept of racing, and converts it into lines. Instead of 3D racing with a first person view, you are taken back to the 2D left to right, and this time without fancy models but rather different color lines. However, this simplicity is the factor of fun in this game.

    The game is simple. You are a line. You must reach the finish before the other lines. Simple enough. Similar to F-Zero, you have boost powers. Your boost numbers, in the lower left corner, represents how many boosts you have left, and how many lives you have left. If you boost, you go faster, but conversely, you lose a life. Crashing with zero lives would make you retire and lose. To get faster, alternately, you can draft behind other lines. There is also a way to recover boosts by stopping at a pit stop near the finish line. Throughout the stages, there are power ups, such as slowing down your opponents, or making the stage darker. As any other racer, there are several different levels. There are three classes to choose from, each with varying difficulties. There are 5 GPs, each broken down into 5 races. At the beginning of each race, you also get to choose your color. If you want, there is also the option to do an exhibition race. The game is very simplified, and geared towards the casual crowd. It’s one of those games where it’s easy to learn but difficult to master. The learning curve is very gentle and lets almost anybody play right from the get go.

    The graphics are simplified. There are no special effects beyond the colors of the racing lines. The simple graphics leave a modern style in its place, each racing line leaving behind a trail of color. It is very bland in terms of graphical design, but it is a modernist approach, where less is more. There isn’t much to say about the graphics, except that they are simple, yet elegant.

    The sound is also very modern, which fits in with the theme. The pulsing sounds and retro ambiance create a calm zen during the menu selections, but during the race, a pulsing house sound erupts. The whole thing is very minimalist, and oozes with futuristic styles.

    Lasting Replay
    Replay value is kind of low. There isn’t much to do beyond race. And that’s it. Just race. This is probably the downfall of this game. At $30, it’s really not a bargain. There is only one mode, and probably due to the minimalist approach, it is not really worth the $30. One option people have asked for was to have volumes of BitGenerations, which would have made the games $30 worth their salt. But, for now, those who wish to enjoy a simple, modern racer, have to shell out $30 and import from Japan. Overall, this game is decent, but not worth $30. Don’t count on Nintendo bringing it over seas though, this looks to be a definite Japanese only release.





    Gameplay - 8/10
    Graphics - 6/10
    Sound - 6/10
    Lasting Replay - 6/10
    Overall - 7/10 (Not an average)

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