Reveals my secret how to create a thread that will blow up an audience and tear apart consciousness!

favourite tip by Master Writer?

  • tip 1 always brush your teeth

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  • tip 2 never brush your teeth unless you havent brushed them today

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  • tip 3 *insert tip here :creep: *

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Apr 8, 2018

Hello once again audience, how you pushin' today guys
and today we cover my reveal: "the secret how to make a thread which will blow your SOCK off!" thread by MasterWriter on NEOGaf forum thread #223558149952

But before we hop right upon it, be sure to keep an eye on my ongoing giveaway for a NES Classic (Legend of Zelda 3 edition) all you need to do is like my thread on GameFAQs: "How to beat your GF at smash using a simple psychological trick". To confirm your place on the giveaway be sure to message me proof of you liking the thread.

Anyway, lets see what MasterWriter says will make your audience retain their full attention to your thread and make an impression. Funny that this is coming out of MasterWriter, overwhelming troll on the community, well known for being a menace on the forums always doing devious actions when awoken. I'm not one to talk, however, since I like to fool around and fuck around and push around the mods on every thread I open, as you might have seen on KingdomHeartsForumsNetwork. Anyway, the first tip he talks about it is getting an amazing title for your awesome thread. And im' gonna have to agree with him as a title is 70 percent of a thread as we all know. However, his thread's title " the secret on making a thread to BLOw the socks off of a reader" is not what we consider to be retaining of our attention. However, I am reviewing his thread right now so I can't say it didnt catch my (Eyes :rolleyes:) eye.

Whatever bro i dont care im writing a thread right now cmon bro cmon leave me a lone.
ugh sorry ghuys thats my bro hes name is sonicGUY22 since he's 22 years old. he would appreciate if you like his guides on gameFACTS but that is beside the point.

Anyway, the guy called @MasterWriter says that the second most important part of making a sock-blowing-offing thread is having a funny image in the first lines. god i hope this works god bless this thread jesus....:gun:

Ugh i dont think this is working looks like im back to the supermarket to buy some condoms. Looks like i'm off to my gf's house and we're about to push it :sad::sad::cry:

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    i dont wanna play for that soulless console
  • Bunjolio @ Bunjolio:
    well pay for the online
  • _AppleDev @ _AppleDev:
    Paying $50 for NSO is definitely one of the many faults I've made.
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    the rewards for being a member are so shitty
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    and I don't understand why the fucking game vouchers are paywalled behind nso
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    they are not free, why making them exclusive for members
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    All that over fries :sad:
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    not everybody is a superstar who gets a lotta money and driving fancy cars
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    I honestly don't mind nintendo shutting down 3ds and wii u online, it makes sense tbh
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    Mario Maker will be the only thing taking a hit since it's what a lot of people on YouTube makes a living off of
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    mario maker 2 exists
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Yes but mm1 still gets attention
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Can't think of any other online only games people give af about
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  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    the original mario kart 8
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    Ah well hopefully cemu can finally go online easier now
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    I wonder if that new Mario game will leak this week
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    the 3ds is just my favorite console
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    so im sad
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    Meh hshop revived it well enough
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    People will whine about a random update months down the road then it'll be fully hackable again in like 2 weeks
    K3N1 @ K3N1: People will whine about a random update months down the road then it'll be fully hackable again... +1