Return of the pokemon battle analyser?

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    So pokemon game has hit apparently. Now I am curious to see what can be pulled from it.

    For the unaware the original pokemon battle analyser was the result of some discoveries in earlier editions where the wifi was not encrypted at parts.
    The original work down on the packet analysis ended up with shiny checks and IV values and what have you, however it was also found that the game transmitted opponent team picks prior to you pressing go. That meant you could select a suitable counter team if you wanted. I never actually read an analysis of what Nintendo changed in the updates to block it, whether it was crypto or something actually more considered.
    Now the 3ds is fully hacked and even whole video streams of gameplay can be pointed at PCs I imagine having something dribble some data at a copy of netcat, we used to use it for DS saves and it is basically a way to get raw data from a system to do with whatever you like, it should not be so bad. It might be Nintendo's/gamefreak's online security put down the crack pipe, read the whole of the first chapter of a guide to basic network security written since the end of dial up and thus became vaguely competent but I am curious.
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    they encrypted it
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    They've hit balls to the walls with cryptography. I don't think there's any way we're gonna be able to hijack it like we did back in the day, unless for some reason they haven't encrypted things which I doubt.
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    The transport would be encrypted all you want, but the console (for which ram dumpers are available) will store the received commands somewhere...