return of the guina sisters

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    Mar 12, 2008
    "The Great Giana Sisters, a 1980s game that was removed from sale due to its similarity to Super Mario Bros. is making a comeback on DS next year.

    Thee Great Giana Sisters was originally released in 1987 for Commodore 64 but publisher Rainbow Arts was forced to withdraw the game from the shelves almost immediately after it was released because it was considered too similar to Nintendo's brilliant platformer.

    Unlike Mario, the stars are female characters but like the plumber, they would collect power-ups from blocks. These caused their hairstyles to change and as with the Mario games, their increased power gave them the abaility to break blocks with their heads. Other issues concerned the similar enemy sprites, similar backgrounds, areas and level designs.

    The DS version features more than 80 levels of platform action and you will be able to use the Touch Screen and microphone to play it. As you can see from the new screens, the visuals have also been redesigned although they are reminiscent of the original. As for the music, the original soundtrack by Chris Hulsbeck (R-Type, Star Wars: Rebel Strike) has been remixed by Fabian Del Priore."

    there are images on the source websitye (onm)
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