RetroRaider : Dark Secrets, NEW DS and multi-platform Homebrew

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    Back in September of 2008 I started to bug Jayenkai. At the time I knew little about him, besides a few of his early DS projects I had no idea that he had actually been developing the JNK Plat franchise since 1997. Our meandering relationship, with the help of others, eventually gave birth to the rather spectacular build of JNKPlatDS 08 - Platdude's Happy Endings. After that release I let Jayenkai rest, just as I originally promised. Since then I have occasionally tossed out the idea of a JNK Plat PSP port, a new JNK Plat DS game, and other ideas. He always humors me with a response that says no while somehow providing me with hope.

    Jayenkai challenges himself to release a game a week. In May of 2008 he released RetroRaider for Windows, a game starring Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. The game itself is a pitfall inspired platformer that would have felt right at home on the DS. So, once again, I bugged Jayenkai. I tossed out ideas for new levels, puzzles, challenges, editors, and more. He always responded in that way that provided only hope, until about a week ago when he replied with a screenshot of DS background sprites. Hope finally became a reality. Jayenkai is beginning to test his development setup in an effort to create a brand new DS Homebrew. Interestingly enough, he is also cross-coding this game for release on other platforms such as PC, Android, and more.

    Jayenjai has started a thread about the project here at GBAtemp. The community can get involved by participating in the on-going discussion. You may just end up being surprised when your ideas, levels, designs, and graphics show up in the final build.

    :arrow: RetroRaider : Dark Secrets Development Discussion

    Where the project goes from here is anyones guess. Will it be submitted into the Neo Flash Summer Coding Compo? Will it feature levels and designs by members of our community? Will any special features be included in the Android release or extra levels in the DS release? This is the ground floor of what will inevitably be an extremely fun retro-inspired video game. This is an exciting time for DS Homebrew, a scene which has not had all that much to look forward to. Pass the word along and then get involved, let us all work together to make this project something special!
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    I think it would be a wise idea to enter this project of his into the Neo Flash Competition, as it is already being worked on, and if it were to be the winner, or even a runner-up, then that just proves to Jayenkai that they did an amazing job. It'll be amazing anyways, but it is just a little reward along with the fact that he completed the game.
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    I tried convincing Jay to enter the NeoFlash contests for years before finally giving up. He wouldn't do it.
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    wait there is another compo starting? sweet. I should do something