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    So close and yet so far away.
    Bug report for 7.05: Lunar Knights will every now and then crash if you play the game with Boktai 1 inserted, which unlocks a special feature - it lets you charge the energy using the solar sensor. It doesn't happen with Sakura.

    I haven't tried these two yet, but there are two new 100% English translations which I've noticed aren't in your supported list: Kuroshitsuji and D.Grayman, both are here on GBAtemp and Romhacking. They might still work though.

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    Have you tried getting an AP patch for the game or downloading Deadskullzjr cheat database and using the AP patch cheat?

    Someone posted on this page this:

    "The following games must be PATCHED to work on a DSTT :

    5213 - YLUP - Last Window The Secret of Cape West (E)(SUXXORS) PATCHED
    5233 - BJ3E - Etrian Odyssey III The Drowned City (U)(HADOUKEN) PATCHED"
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    May 12, 2019
    I cannot get my timebomb cart to launch YSMenu. (red ? CARD error)

    My cart is an R4i v1.4.1 (WiFi enabled) purchased november 2010.

    Written below the version info is r4i-sdhc . com,
    and the rear side has a shiny "Truth Inquiry" sticker (never peeled)

    I've followed the guide to a T, many times. I've even tried replacing the provided R4.dat with this one:

    If anyone else has any pointers I'd appreciate it. I guess I'll stick to the stock kernel until I buy a new non-bomb version
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    May 26, 2019
    I couldn't get RetroGameFan's DLL kernel to work with the R4i-Blue v1.6 but I found that you can use the "DSTTi-Clone YSMenu" to set up a primary boot.
    The person who was having issues with this card a few pages back seems to have resolved their issue but I'll post this in case anyone finds it useful.

    -Make a backup of your Micro SD cards contents, just in case you want to restore it.
    -Reformat the Micro SD as described in the first post.
    -Copy contents of "DSTTi-Clone YSMenu" from "RetroGameFan's Multi Card Update 7.06" to the root of the micro SD card.
    -Rename TTMenu.dat to R4I.HK on the SD card. Make sure you have file extensions visible.
    -Copy TTMenu.dat from "DSTTi-Clone YSMenu" to the root of the SD card.

    The files on your SD card should be:
    The TTMenu folder
    The Games folder

    And you should be good to go.
    This works without having TTMenu.dat as well. However the soft reset function will not work as it needs TTMenu.dat to get back to YSMenu.
    Alternatively you could edit "ttreset.dat", found in the TTMenu folder, with a hex editor and replace the TTMENU.DAT line with R4I.HK.

    Also a big thanks to RetroGameFan and those who made updating these cards possible
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    I have a similar problem with this card under YSMenu as well ... :(

    - Yu-Gi-Oh! 2011 Over The Nexus - random crashes (with AP patch)
    - Bejeweled 3 - freezes at random points in the game play
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    May 12, 2019
    Just curious if you were ever able to get your r4 gold cart working with YSmenu as a primary kernel.

    I have the same one.
  6. DeadSkullzJr

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    Two things:

    YSmenu is mainly based for flashcarts that use the DSTT kernel as a base.

    You are running Wood R4, that kernel is actually better than any DSTT based kernel out there. The only reason that it hasn't received updates versus YSmenu is because Wood R4 doesn't need updates for game compatibility currently, YSmenu actually has to play catch up to meet the standards of Wood R4. YSmenu is generally just an alternative kernel mainly for time bomb based cards.

    Before anyone gets their info mixed up. The R4i Gold 3DS Plus and R4i SDHC Gold Pro are NOT the same flashcarts, the Gold Plus model uses Wood R4, which is generally all anyone ever needs, the Gold Pro is a time bomb flashcart using a cloned DSTT kernel.
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    inside your crappy old PC
    just wondering i have an gold pro 2017 and I'm having freezing issues on both YS and the time bombed kernel namely blaze black 2(as in frozen screen randomly but music still plays),also a hacked white rom called Pokemon omega paradox is unsupported by RGF YS (err 4) is there any way around that yet?
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    I will report a bug:

    1. R4i-SDHC v1.4 + r4i-sdhc dot com

    2. Update 7.06/R4i sdhc v1.85b + C4p74in 75ub454 N3w Kick 0ff (E) [UNDUB](B2BX)/7B9DDBD4
    3. After booting white screen freeze.

    I'm reporting as is suggested.
  9. seany1990

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    Aug 3, 2015
    Does anybody know how to delete a .sav from the YSmenu ui? I can find the .sav in the menus but pressing x doesnt do anything
  10. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Did you change the settings (using a text editor) to enable deleting files?
  11. seany1990

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    Aug 3, 2015
    I hadn't so thank you
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    Thanks, Gracias