RetroEmu Coding Competition - Summer 2008 :

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    RetroEmu Coding Competition - Summer 2008 :

    RetroEmu is proud to announce it's first ever coding competition!.

    To celebrate our grand opening we are offering some fantastic prizes to give away to the winners of our Summer coding competition.

    These marvelous prizes include :

    1st Place : Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Sports or 2GB Asus EEE PC (CELM-900M).


    2nd Place : 2GB iPod Shuffle + $100US via PayPal.


    3rd Place : Indiana Jones collection DVD or $50US paid by PayPal.


    All prizes are brand new and sealed and bought exclusively for this competition.

    How To Enter :

    To enter this fantastic coding competition all you need to do is have knowledge of programming/coding in any language.

    You can pick from the following category's for your entry :


    You can enter right now! The competition starts today and ends August 31st 2008 at 23:59 GMT.

    Place all your Entry's/Submissions in THIS FORUM (click here) please.

    Due to our site being focused on "Retro" we want your entry's to be inspired/focused on "Retro" things or "Retro" gaming. So if your planning on entering a game into the competition, we want it to be based on something "Retro" or based around "Retro" gaming.

    Now this doesn't mean it has to be all 2d and pixelated sprites. You can make something 3D if you would like. As long as it is based on something "Retro" its fine by us. Same goes for emulators. If you plan on entering a emulator, your only restriction is your target console. Your emulator cannot be based on any console that is in the 7th generation.

    The below list will show you what category each console is listed under :

    1st > 7th Generation Consoles List

    What do you mean by "Retro"?

    By this we mean either any retro games : circa 1970 > 1999 or any event from that time frame. Use your imagination, a 1970's flower power game is one example I guess.

    Rules :

    1. Deadline is August 31st 2008 at 23:59 GMT.

    2. Submission is by posting in the [ Competition Subforum - Click here ] here at

    3. You MUST post your entry HERE first (including the file). You may post about your entry on other sites but you MUST post a link back to your submission post on this site.

    4. Judges are Zack and hardhat, and will send out prizes two weeks after the final deadline.

    5. Prizes are: 1st place - Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Sports Or 2GB Asus EEE PC (CELM-900M) 2nd place - 2GB iPod Shuffle + $100US paid by PayPal, 3rd place - Indiana Jones collection DVD Or $50US paid by PayPal.

    6. You can post and update your competition entry as much as you like, from now until August 31st 2008 at 23:59 GMT.

    7. Your entry/submission MUST include the splash screen at the beginning/start up of your game/emulator. You can find the splash images at the bottom of this post or HERE

    8. You can choose between the following target platforms for your game/emulator entry/submission : Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X, NDS, PS3, Wii, PSP, Ubuntu Linux.

    9. You may enter an updated version of your emulator/game, but it MUST have significant changes done from the previous version.

    10. Both open source and closed source submissions are allowed.

    11. Breaking the rules excludes you from the competition.

    12. The submission deadline will not move, so don't ask for a change.

    13. The judges decisions are final, so don't say that they are unfair.

    14. The judges will take into consideration user votes upon judging.

    15. There is no restriction on sprite/content, you may use commercial sprites if you wish.

    16. There is no restriction on programming language used. However you must include all needed runtime's, images etc with your entry in order to run your game/emulator.

    17. Implementation of the Splash screen counts for a 5% judging bonus, so be creative. (i.e Special effects on splash screen).

    18. You MUST include a screenshot with your entry/submission.

    19. Have fun and enjoy the competition!

    Splash Images :

    Here are the splash Images that you MUST have displayed at the start/beginning of your game/emulator entry/submission.

    Note : You may NOT make your own variations of these images, you be as creative as you like your implementation of it though. For your entry to be accepted you must use one of the following images. To request a different size, see the bottom of this message.

    Remember that there is a 5% judging bonus for your implementation of the splash screen so be creative!

    For PS3/Wii/XP/Vista/Mac/Ubuntu Linux :



    For PSP :



    For Nintendo DS :



    If you have any questions regarding the competition or would like a splash image in a different size to the ones posted, feel free to send me a pm (private message) (at RetroEmu)

    I know this probably will be classed as advertising but that isnt the intention, the thing everyone wants to see from this competition is great games and emulators. Mudlord who i presume you all know (works on vba-m) and a few other high profile coders are entering the compo, and i hope some of the great coders you have here do to.

    The more coders who know about it, the better for everyone

    Thank you [​IMG]
  2. Ferrariman

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Hmm... this might be interesting.

    Also, welcome to GBAtemp.
  3. notnarb

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    Jun 18, 2007
    any DS or PSP game made will be swamped by any PC game out there:S
  4. webyugioh

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    Sep 17, 2007
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    I have a question, will all the homebrew be up against each other?
    What i mean is that a DSemu vs a PCemu would not be a fair match up.
    Are you doing a overall or by platform?
  5. Bri

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    Maybe someone will make a decent Commodore-64 emulator for the DS! FrodoDS is a good start, but way too many bugs.

  6. porchemasi

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    Jun 20, 2007
    The clear winner would be ZX-81... he's ported over 15 emulators for PSP .... im sure eh can do it for any other console provided with the proper enviroment.

    props zx
  7. retroemu

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    Yes they are, however it will be fairly based. I don't really agree with ds vs pc emu. For instance take a psx emulator. A psx emulator on the DS with good speed and sound (probably not possible) against the equivalent pc counterpart. The DS version would take a hell of a lot more skill to code and therefor be rated higher.

    It all goes on quality. The platform is irrelevant.
  8. MagNetCZ

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    Aug 4, 2007
    And what's more it's all the more retro when it's on the DS, right, right?
    Bah, gotta make something for the Atari 2600 [​IMG]