RetroArch/Libretro Thread: PS Vita Edition! Nightlies Included

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    Welcome to the (semi)official RetroArch/Libretro cores thread for PS Vita

    Small disclaimer: Make sure you are on Firmware 3.60 with the latest HENkaku exploit! It is recommended to ensure you are on the latest revision of HENkaku by navigating to via the Vita's Web Browser.

    For detailed explanations on RetroArch itself, please consult the Libretro wiki at for non-Vita specific questions.

    If any bugs are present in any of the Libretro cores or exist within the RetroArch UI itself on the PS Vita. and are not acknowledged in the main post, please report them here. The goal of the article is to provide as much information on what works and doesn't work currently alike on the PS Vita port of RetroArch and the Libretro cores.

    Latest Nightly Builds:
    Current Version: August 5th Build, RetroArch version 1.3.6

    Latest Stable Builds: N/A

    Current Available cores (package name/emulator name/emulated console):
    Current Bugs:

    Save/Load-States are nonfunctioning (Files are created but are unable to be loaded). Fixed in August 5th Nightly.

    Core Specific
    fb_alpha_neo_libretro: High megabit ROMsets crash the program. (Seemingly) Fixed in August 5th Nightly.
    fb_alpha_neo_libretro: Memory Card is not saved (Emulation does not detect virtual Memory Card in compatible games). UniBIOS returns to default settings on each ROMset loaded.
    gambatte_libretro: .gb/.gbc ROMsets unable to load (Kickback to Quick Menu). Fixed in August 5th Nightly.
    mednafen_ngp_libretro: Cannot load more than one ROM in a single session (Application Crash).
    mednafen_vb_libretro: Half of the screen is rendered in spite of picture format.
    picodrive_libretro: Cannot load ROMsets (Application Crash).
    nxengine_libretro: Imported savegames from another Libretro port crashes on inventory load (Application Crash).
    2048_libretro: Unable to load core (Kickback to Quick Menu).
    snes9x_next_libretro: Cannot load ROMsets (Application Crash).
    Fixed in August 5th Nightly.

    P.S. For Moderators: Please close this thread, as it has been moved to the proper subforum here!
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    Sad part is, that's not far from the truth. I screwed up so bad here. >~< I wasn't in a rush but I instead misclicked on the wrong forum subsection and now I'm running about trying to fix mistakes that were made.
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