Retro Review #1

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    Retro Review #1
    Old-school Game Reviews
    Hadrian has posted the first ever Retro Review thread.
    There's a lot of great old-school games reviewed by Hadrian and other GBAtempers.
    Hopefully the article (and upcoming articles) will spark up interest in older classic games.
    Make sure to give it a read, the reviews are excellent!

    You can see the line up of reviewed games below:
    • Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures - Super Nintendo, written by Hadrian
    • Mr Bones - Sega Saturn, written by TrolleyDave
    • Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six - GBC, written by Hadrian
    • Sam & Max Hit The Road - PC, written by Cockroachman
    • Films to Games That Don't Suck: New Ghostbusters II - NES, written by Hadrian
    • Random Game: Ball Jacks - Mega Drive/Genesis, written by Hadrian
    • Port Comparison: Kirby Super Star - Super Nintendo & Kirby Super Star Ultra - Nintendo DS, written by Granville.
    Make sure to frequently check the General Console Discussion section and Hadrian's signature for updates when new a Retro Review is posted!

    [​IMG] Retro Review #1
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