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Mar 1, 2019
United Kingdom
I have retro arch all set up on my desktop with lots of ROMs and emu's it runs great and I have a huge library I can play from.

I have retro arch on my switch but I don't want to clone all ROMs and save states and thumbnails and dB to the SD card or copy the exact install from the desktop to the switch is it possible to remote play not via moonlight.

Thought I'd ask the question before looking into a way to build an rsync similar app on switch

My ideal set up would be I browse and play my retroarch setup on my desktop and in the background an app or plugin sync's the games I'm currently playing with my switch so when I pick up my switch it's just ready to play what I'm playing where I left off.

Other option would be NFS and all my ROMs in my switch install are loaded over network don't like this though as I won't always have network. Also not sure what switch native NFS support is like?

I could do it easy in lakka just script it on a Cron job with rsync and network drives but I'm thinking a real switch app that when launched pulls the current changes from the master retroarch install on the desktop as I like using retroarch in horrizon

The way I'd do it on the master is use retroarch history and log to record latest changes to a file sync list that trims old data the nsp app would just access this list and pull all required data every time it's launched this app would have to work both ways depending on last play date

I should mention that I recently saw that Plex are introducing game streaming via retroarch cores which got me thinking into a better setup as a built in streaming option would be good for the faster consoles like GameCube and Wii
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