Retailers suggest the NES Classic Mini is end of production

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    Nintendo just refuted this post:


    The NES Classic Mini is an immenslely popular device that suffers from product shortages, even still to today. Nintendo apologized for this and said it didn't anticipiate such high demand and promised more will be coming soon.

    Recently, president Kimishima spoke with investors and stated Nintendo will increase production:

    However, several retailers, among them a Norwegian retailer, stated that Nintendo reps told them that the upcoming batch of NES Mini Classic consoles will be limited and final.

    It's interesting to note that Kimishima brought up the Switch in his statement. Undoubtetly the Switch will have its own Virtual Console filled with classic games. So maybe Nintendo's intention is to invoke interest in the Switch in people who are interested in the NES Classic Mini. Nevertheless, there will without a doubt be disappointment if the last batch really ends up being the last. At least there is a timeframe where you will be able to get a unit at the correct price while the next batch lasts. You just have to work for it.

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