Restoring save file from Sky3DS's MicroSD to retail cartridge, is it possible?

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  1. LuNa.Pyro

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    Dec 4, 2015
    I was using Sky3DS to play Yo-Kai watch US version (with ROM downloaded from the internet, so it has public header, right?) but now I want to play using retail cartridge I just bought and I don't want to start new game....

    Is it possible to mod the old save file from my SKY3DS' microSD to be able to restore it to retail cartridge?

    I read so many threads but I still don't get the idea how to, or is it even possible.
    I thought of manys things like, injecting my private header to the old save and mod the save and restore it to retail cartridge using Gateway flashcard which I also own one. Is this gonna work? (or is it even possible?) and to tell you guys the truth, if this's just my raw idea... I still don't quite understand how to do it.... OTL ....
    Any idea what do in this case anyone?

    Thank you very much.