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    I have a rawnand backup of a clean nand that I think is 5.1.0 OFW, yet seemed to have misplaced my boot0 and boot1 for that backup. I have a complete NAND backup (rawnand + boot0 + boot1) 6.0.1 OFW that I made right before I booted up any kind of CFW. Now, I am currently running CFW 6.0.1 ReiNX with DNS redirect and have installed several NSPs that I converted from XCI files exclusively to my micro sd card. I have not touched AutoRCM.

    1) Both of these backups are completely clean if I haven't run any CFW, correct?

    2) If I want to play online with any of my legally purchased games or access the eShop without getting banned, I have to restore a clean nand. So do I have to restore my entire NAND or can I just restore the boot files? (just boot0 and boot1, not rawnand). I know this is probably a stupid question but I'm just trying to avoid the restore times if I can.

    3) Will having NSPs installed on my micro SD card cause any issues or red flags to nintendo if I've restored to a clean nand but they still show up under my games?

    4) And lastly, is it possible to get updates for CFW NSP-installed games from nintendo somehow or do I have to hunt the internet for the files?

    Thank you in advance to anyone willing to give some insight
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    1. They’re clean. In fact delete the 5.1 NAND backup. You don’t need it anymore.

    2. You have to restore your entire NAND (including boot0 boot1). The thing is, the license files for your .NSP’s are located in the system itself. So, if you restore your NAND. You’ll also have to completely restore your NSP’s. Your switch won’t be able to read them despite being on the Micro-SD card and thus they won’t show up in your games.

    3. The games won’t show up. Probably should backup your save games using checkpoint before doing a NAND restore. You’ll have to reinstall the NSP’s from scratch anyways.

    4. Yes. But, you’ll have to do some internet searching.

    TLDR; Restoring NAND deletes everything. Back up your saves and your NSP’s games before doing this (meaning have a fresh copy available). Restore the whole NAND. Always make a fresh new backup for ANYTHING you do on official firmware and you’re done and want to go back to CFW ‘This is after you restore your NAND’. This makes it so your NAND backup syncs with what Nintendo last saw you do on OFW before choosing to go back offline.
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