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    Google didn't bring any results, neither did the Search function, so is there some 1337 software that will let me extract music (and optionally graphics and other stuff) from GBA ROMs, with better compatibility than Sappy? I'd like to be able to extract sound from Boktai, Riviera and Mother 3 for example, and Sappy doesn't support them.
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    Simple answer no there is not.

    Longer answer, there is if you are willing to learn how to hack games. Going against tradition GBA sound is possibly a bit easier than some of the other stuff on the GBA but as the GBA roms are one long binary and usually without a filesystem (homebrew fairly often, no rom I have seen though).
    Also many devs chose their own sound format, still it is usually fairly close to the hardware:
    Not hardware per se but very useful (check the link to ripping tools at the bottom of the page)

    Atrius also did some work on GBA sound formats recently (the titles you mention could quite possibly use them), it nowhere near as common as SDAT on the DS though:
    While I do not think he published anything like we have for the DS ( ) you could quite easily pull apart the rom and analyse the changes.

    Other than that it is tracing, corruption and tweaks upon the two in varying amounts: