Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Footage and Interview with Michiteru Okabe

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    Game Informer had the pleasure to interview Michiteru Okabe, the producer of the upcoming sequel to Resident Evil: Revelations. Their video shows some early gameplay footage and discloses details about what the team is focusing on during the development of the game.​
    If you were disappointed with the "action-packed" atmosphere of the few recent Resident Evil titles, Revelations 2 might be something worth your attention, as the game seems to be a return to the more traditional cramped, dark and puzzle-oriented past of the series. Okabe mentions that the series is internally treated as a separate IP, giving the team more creative freedom.​
    The website also promises to release new information on October 10th - we'll definitely keep you posted!​
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    I'm pretty disappointed it won't be comming for the 3DS like the original one. z.z
    It was pretty awesome playing it on the go. Actually made it even more thrilling.
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    "There will be 4 episodes and each episode will contain about 2 hours of gameplay" Ok whenever a developer gives you an estimate of how long it takes to play there content just take there number and cut it in half and that is how long it will be for most people. Soo 4 hours of gameplay seems pretty short if you ask me but if its good I am fine with that. About being episodic Resident evil has been that way for a while but instead of being numbered episodes it was labeled in chapters. Soo in other words there is nothing different about what there doing about it now except making people wait week to week for it. If I do play this it will only be once all 4 episodes are released.
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    so basically we get a home console release of a game that sounds terribly like a short on the go game? which will probably be cut in episodes with short clear mission objectives? yeah no, while people have always played long time on any console they have in their homes, they never turned on their home tv consoles for a 10 minute burst of playtime.

    yeah this should be on 3ds and vita with ports on everything else if it needs to be. estimating just ~4-6 hours in realistic play time, putting this out on home consoles at what will probably be way overpriced (i expect 20$ per episode, after all, with time between eps we have time to save up)... thats just sad. this is the kind of stuff that could've and should've been dlc for revelations 1.
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    Capcom is crap . Resident evil is no longer for me since RE4. They ruin everything Shinji did.
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    - No connection to the original game, Why call it Revelations 2? Because that game sold and we're riding the success of the name!
    - 4 episodes each with their own price tag instead of just one full game. Sounds really short too.
    - Gameplay graphics on the original were acceptable because it was a 3DS port, no excuse for them looking so bad now.
    - The sidehop dodging mechanic shown on the video looks kind of clunky

    Compare this preview with the evil within or any other past resident evil, they all look better. I love resident evil and i probably would still buy this if it was on a console i own, its not and also i hate the whole "episode" way of putting games out. Crapcom living up to their name as usual.

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    That's right, because Revelations was incredibly successful! Oh wait... :unsure:
    Didn't stop The Walking Dead from being one of the top games last generation.
    I've seen worse, plus it's an early build, not sure what you were expecting. ;)
    I'll judge once I play the game - hard to tell when you're not holding the controller.
    I don't know about that, especially after Resident Evil 5 AKA "We're in Africa now, what?" or Resident Evil 6 AKA "We heard you like explosions". :P
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    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
    I look positively retarded but I got a picture with the good man himself at New York Comic Con today.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    And a signed poster to boot!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I'm hyped. I'll play.
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