Resident Evil GBC ROM released

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    After being canned by Capcom over a decade ago, the unreleased Resident Evil remake for the Gameboy Color has been released after a fundraiser for Assembler Games.

    The ROM, while only 90% complete, is still playable and is basically a remake of the original Resident Evil for the Playstation. While an ambitious project for Nintendo's first series of handhelds, it ultimately died due to quality issues and was to never see the light of day, until now.

    Unfortunately, the ROM is still considered warez and cannot be linked to on GBAtemp, nor can any source that links to a page with the ROM. For that reason, there is no source or download link. Please remember that the posting of warez links or files is strictly forbidden on GBAtemp and doing so will result in either a warning, ban, or suspension. Seek it out on your own!

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Thread Status:
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