Resident Evil: Degeneration Movie Download

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    Language: English (Don't worry, it is in english, i watched the link and i dont know a damn thing about japanese, thats why i got japanese trainer homebrew [​IMG])
    Rating: 9.1 out of 10.
    Format: AVI (No x264)
    Story: The film begins in the autumn of 2005, and the incident happens at an airport somewhere in a mid-western American city. Claire Redfield is now a member of a non-governmental organization which handles search and rescue of chemical and bioterrorist attacks. Claire arrives at the airport, for the purpose of business.

    Meanwhile, a passenger airplane is approaching the airport for landing. As one of the attendants checks the passengers, she notices one man is looking unwell. The man in question is clearly in the final stages of the deadly T-Virus infection, and warns the attendant as such and it is an emergency. Shortly after, the infection claims his life and he zombiefies, causing him to attack several other passengers, which spreads the virus throughout the plane. The out-of-control plane, attempting and failing to make an emergency landing, crashes into the airport's lobby. Claire survives, along with many other civilians, and witnesses the door to the plane opening and zombies pouring out of the hatch and attacking civilians, causing chaos.

    The government is quick to seal off the airport and prevent the panicked civilians from leaving. Claire hides from the zombies, along with several other civilians, with Claire promising to protect a young girl; Rani Chawla.

    The Special Response Team, led by ex-SWAT police officer Angela Miller, is planning a rescue mission. The government sends in a special agent; Leon Scott Kennedy. Taking command of the SRT, Leon leads the team to battle the zombies. Leon rescues Claire and they, along with Rani and Angela, escape the airport before it is bombed.

    Shortly after their escape, it is revealed that a terrorist; Curtis Miller, a former employee of the same organization that hired Claire and is related to Angela, broadcasts a message revealing that he is responsible for the outbreak. Curtis holds samples of the T-virus, and demands U.S. President Graham reveal to the public the truth of what happened at Raccoon City, along with his direct involvement with the Umbrella Corporation. Curtis gives the President a four-hour deadline, or he will spread the T-virus to every major city on Earth.

    The SRT succeeds in locating Curtis' hiding place, but Curtis releases a new type of Tyrant against them, and deliberately infects himself with the G-virus, turning him into a rampaging killing machine.

    (The link is good, I downloaded/watch the video from it)
    (Also: This may not work in Winamp. Maybe mines just messed the hell up, but I opened in Windows Media Player and it worked like a charm)
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    Are you shitting me?
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    No pirating plz.
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    Lol warez your def gona get sent back to the land of smurf man!
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    No pirating allowed in GBATemp.
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