research about the white mini sd ez iv.

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    Sep 19, 2013
    i decided to make a thread about the sd compatibility of the ez iv... if you own an ez iv white version, please help testing...

    after the 1.75 update the cards do support SDHC, and it was mentioned all over that plenty of normal SD non-hc cards had been stopped working.
    so, please test your micro\mini sd cards with both game loading and firmware flashing so we can try to understand what are theese "non-hc" cards that had been stopped working after 1.75

    PLEASE DO USE H2TESTW to make sure your card is not faulty\fake\clone and always use "safe eject" from your computer

    since i own a white ez iv i can also test some sd cards and heres my results:

    version of EZ IV: white mini sd version, back of pcb says "EZ402 2006.03
    1. transcend 2gb micro sd fat16/32kb: update firmware works; game works. (i never had issues with this card, bought it on a chinese store and it's legit lol)
    2. nokia MINI SD 512MB fat16/8kb: eziv menu screen glitches and goes black, firmware flashing works (bought originally for this ez iv, it worked fine before 1.75 update); test 2 with this card formatted in fat32/4kb same result, test 3 with fat16/16kb same result
    3. kingston 1gb micro sd fat16/16kb eziv menu and game loading works; firmware flashing works
    4. kingston 8gb class 4 micro sd fat32/2kb: eziv menu and game loading works; firmware flashing fails black screen
    5. lexar 1gb micro sd fat16/16kb: eziv menu and game loading works; firmware flashing works.
    6. kingston 8gb class 10 micro sd fat32/32: ez menu and game loading works; firmware flashing fails black screen

    note: don't assume the card can't read mini sd cards, the machine doesn't see any difference between mini sd or micro sd. probably it's the fact it's the only card i own of <1gb size
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