[Request] Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Perfect Savegame

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  1. BullyWiiPlaza

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    Aug 2, 2014

    I need a savegame of OR/AS which has everything story-wise completed such as Pokémon League beat, all areas visited, Delta Episode completed, secret base created, lots of secret pals, crescent isle unlocked, all Legendaries caught, all items collected/trainer beat and so on (as good as possible). I don't care much about your Pokémon, Pokédex, Trainer data, Maison streak or bag items since I can just use PkHeX if needed.

    A rough estimate of play time needed for all this is 60 hours just so that you know that 10 or 20 is not enough.

    If you have such a save file please use SaveDataFiler to extract it and upload the "main" file. The one I found is sloppily played through and not completed which sucks. I do not want to waste my time in completing stuff again since I lost my save file but kept backups of my Pokémon data :/

    Please help me out, thank you! :yaysp:
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    Apr 5, 2016
    Have you find one yet?