[Request]NTR CFW plugin that enables amiibo support on N3DS with firmware lower than 9.5

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    so I don't know if this is feasible or not, but my 9.0 emuNAND has been having issues successfully updating to 9.5 and consequently I have to keep reverting to my 9.0 emuNAND. Consequently I'm curious if perhaps a plugin for NTR CFW could be created that enables amiibo support for games that utilize it as it's the only feature past 9.0 I wish to use. I think this could be beneficial for a few reasons, no need to set up an emuNAND if the user doesn't want one or the inherent risks that messing and updating emuNAND carries, and it'd be much quicker to set up than updating the emuNAND.

    However if this isn't even possible, please let me know. Much thanks!

    Sorry for posting this both in the homebrew section and here, I've been informed that this is the correct section to post this request
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    It's not going to work. But, amiibo support came in 9.4 I believe, so you could try updating to that if it was specifically the 9.5 update that gave you trouble and not updating in general. If you need help updating then you could reply with your issue to one of the tutorials about updating.
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    I'm not sure selective title installation is something that's feasible I'm afraid.

    That said, are people who've inadvertently created "Frankenstein" firmwares, it's usually a result of losing power during the process of updating their system.

    They boot, and are functional to an extent, but they're inherently broken. In almost all cases the user has to update their 3DS to the latest firmware to return their device to a usable state.

    If it were possible, it couldn't be done with an NTR plugin. It'd probably have to be done with something like the .cake plugin system @mid-kid developed for CakeFW.