1. Clector

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    Mar 15, 2016
    Back in 2015 in Taiwan and Hong Kong Original 3DS Models (in Taiwan also New 3DS wasn"t even launched anyways) Pure White of Japan region were launched that have a low price around 70 to 100 USD. What is special about it is that it blocks most of Internet features, you can update the system, but you can"t use Miiverse, eShop, Internet Browser, Nintendo Network ID, Friend List, NintendoZone, Spotpass, Mii Plaza and System Transfer.
    Since that it shows the message "This is not available to this Nintendo 3DS" when you try to open one of that and because that it also includes Pre-installed a bunch of Japanese games updates in the SD Card since you can"t use the eShop to download them. And curiosly also the Serial starts with CJG, using JG as Region Suffix instead of JF, JH or JM that are usually used in Japan Original 3DS Consoles and you can make a local Mii but can"t share it.
    Here"s an image of the box, is the left one:
    Also here"s a video unboxing of it in YouTube that was uploaded in June 27 of this year:

    So if something is know of how this restrictions works and what they changed to make this restrictions. And by the way if the Firmware have in it differences from the normal Japan one to make this restrictions, if that block is in the Nand or in both.
    I will appreciate any information that can share about how the block of that Internet features works.
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  2. jlangford

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    Jul 31, 2016
    I know absolutely nothing about 3ds firmwares but the subsidised cost might suggest hardware limitations?
  3. pdapanda

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    Nov 19, 2014
    As a Chinese,I think I can explain why such thing apears.Back in 2012, there are Nintendo 3DS and iQue 3DS began to sale in HK and Taiwan,
    and mainland of China,those models can play games localized in Chinese.However, it had been already over a year after the first release of Japanese 3DS which launch on 2011. Nearly everyone who want to buy a 3DS has already imported a US model or Japanese model.Unfotunately, 3DS is region locked.We can‘t play the Chinese games on our consoles which we bought before. It is not a suprise that the sales of both the console and games in Chinese region quickly became a failure.

    The Nintendo HK aware there are more people buying Japanese games in HK,Taiwan,and mainland of China.
    They want to sell games in Japanese without locazation now, but there was no Japanese models sold in those area. Then they found an excuse by selling a ripped Japanese model in Hong Kong. Now we gamers in China are buying those Honkong-Japanese games officially instead of importing from Japan.I have to say,the games are cheaper.

    I don‘t think there are people who really want to buy the Hong kong-Japanese 3DS, they have made restrict to those models,although it shares the region with Japanese 3DS, It's not possible to buy/download dlc.Which is very ridiculous, the ripped 3DS came with Fire emblem IF bundles which include the third route DLC.

    I think there must be thing removed from the nand, some system tickets.
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