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    Aug 11, 2014
    Game Name:
    • Command Master
    Release Date:
    • 11/20/2000
    Game Info:
    • Genre: Role-Playing game
    • Publisher: Enix
    • What it's about: summary I found which seems all about fitting...
    Command Master is basically a one-on-one Medarot battle. As you progress, you'll acquire new superheroes and special attacks. The game uses the Tilt Cartridge (first seen in the latest Kirby game) for morphing into different kinds of superheroes and executing different special attacks.
    • Popularity in Japan:
      Command Master is scheduled for a fall release with a pricing of 5900yen in Japan. However, the game was and surely never will be release outside of japan or anywhere else at that point.
    Why I want this translation so badly:

    I'm really a huge fan of the gameplay, the gauge similar to Konami's BeatMania is located at the bottom, indicating the exact moment to hit A. For example, if a morphing command was right twice, you'd tilt the machine to the right a couple of times, then hit the A button once the cursor reaches the right spot on the gauge. Special attacks also work in a similar way. Let's not talk about the debug mode I found on some strange web, which it brings the questions of the most interesting feature of the debug menu the the ability to test the integrity of the game's MBC7 chip and lots amusing stuff.

    Why I don't think this will come out in the West:

    Initially a tabloid publisher named Eidansha Boshu Service Center, it ventured in 1982 into video game publishing for Japanese home computers such as the PC-8800 series, ... Enix served as the Japanese publisher for all of the games released in locked region. That only makes you wonder if they considered localization the games to the west at all. That's why I think. There's no way that this game will ever make it to the west.

    • Screenshots:

    • Videos:

    • My Offering:
    I can assist in testing the translation whenever you clear some update and i'll do my best to share the project on social media to get you the backup you need.

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