[Request] Anyone want to try decompressing the format Mii textures are stored in?

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    For a while, Nintendo has been storing the textures and models and pretty much everything needed to render a Mii in a container called FFRA since Wii U. They're used as .dat files, such as FFLResHigh.dat (on Wii U at 0005001B10056000), and in Miitomo as AFLResHigh.dat in /assets/asset/character/model/mii/AFLResHigh.dat.
    The type is pretty much only shared between Wii U and Miitomo for now, unless Switch uses it too, but the reason I'm even interested in decompressing these is because everything needed to render a Mii such as face models and textures are contained here, and nobody has been able to decompress these yet.

    I have wanted to make something like a Mii data parser and Mii renderer in OpenGLES in Python or something since it's never been done and would be nice for future custom servers, and this has been kind of a constraint since I have no idea how to deal with files. It'd be cool to have Mii textures anyway.

    If you want to try looking into this format, Miitomo's Android version has all of the Mii decoding, rendering and crypto in an ELF at /lib/armeabi-v7a/libcocos2dcpp.so (libsakasho.so is interesting too, and the location depends on which version you have, it might be in armeabi).
    I don't know where Wii U has the Mii face library and I don't care a whole lot about finding it since ARM should be easier to disassemble anyway.

    You might be asking, 'why not get the textures and shit from wii or 3ds??', and I could do this, but they're both low-poly AFAIK, and having a high quality renderer if I'm going to be able to use whatever resolution I want unlike the account.nintendo.net Mii server or want to render really high quality images like the cdn-mii server can at 512px, it'd be really nice to have the high poly Miis.

    That's all for now, thanks.
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