Reputable place to buy parts?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by codezer0, May 13, 2014.

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    Here's the skinny...

    I'm looking for many a few parts to fix up some of my consoles... the problem is that almost every one of them aren't simply available on Amazon or anywhere. And since the last time I tried to trust shoptemp left me to deal wiht a shop that refused to communicate me for nearly two months while I waited to see if it would even ship at all or if they just stole my money, I'm asking you, fellow tempers, directly, for where I can go.

    Ideally, I would want to shop from a place that is in the USA or at least close enough to be that ridiculous overseas wait. But at this point, I'd even settle for one that is at least on this side of the ocean and has a decent rating on

    Just to give an insight of what I'm looking for, this is what my current 'to-do' parts list looks like:
    1. Shoulder triggers for the GBA SP. nothing I can do with mine makes these work anymore, and it's kinda required for the games.
    2. UMD drive for a PSP 2000. Even when I was able to borrow one to test, the PSP 2000 I managed to fix up won't even attempt to spin a disc anymore. I'm wondering if it's the switch that is the issue, or the UMD drive itself. If I can get both, better.
    3. Something that I can use to fix/restore the flash memory on this 20gig PS3.
    I don't know where else to turn, so not sure where to go.
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