Replacing my White DSLite

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  1. ceraphis

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    Apr 27, 2006
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    I have a white USA DS Lite with very obvious cracked hinge on the left like everyone has talked about ever since the US lites were released. I also got a warranty from Gamestop when I bought it, which covers me for a year I believe.

    My question is, if I wait till the 11th or the 13th or whenever the onyx DS Lites are released, then go to a Gamestop and try to return it (hopefully knowing beforehand whether they have the onyx in stock), could I get a brand spankin new onyx Ds Lite under my little warranty instead of getting the same old whitey?

    I guess the main things I'm worried about are:
    1: Since they'll most likely have a white one in stock, will they be willing to give me a onyx one anyway, since that's what I want?
    2. Is a cracked hinge enough reason according to Gamestop that I should recieve a new Lite in general?
    3. If they end up not having onyx lites in stock, will I be able to take the white one back until I find a Gamestop/EB that has an onyx in stock?
    4. If the new onyx one has a dead pixel or other out-of-box problem, will they take that one back and give me an even newer one?

    I did previously manage to return my girlfriend's warrantied silver DS for a white lite a month ago or so even though it was pretty much OK by complaining that wireless download play wasn't working like I thought it should. The gamestop employee magically wasn't able to detect their download play hotspot at all, and so he agreed to use my warranty to get a DS Lite. One reason I thought this was possible though was because from what I can gather, since the Lite was released, the old DSes were discontinued and removed from the store (although excluding the blue AC bundles it seems).

    Anyways, any thoughts are appreciated, especially from either GS/EB consumers who have had a related experience or past or present gamestop employees who know what their policies are.
  2. Arnold Schwarzen

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    This is what would probably happen at my local GameStop/EB Games and it may be different than yours, but this is what I beleive would happen if you return them in the stores closest to where I live:

    1. Most likely you'll get another Polar White system
    2. I don't know about this, my GameStop recommends sending Nintendo any defected systems
    3. I have no idea, probably not.
    4. Definately not, they'll just tell you it's a problem with all LCD screens and you'll have to have a certain number to exchange it for a new DS Lite (taking it back to GS/EB, you may have to have over 5 dead/stuck pixels).

    They definately told be about #2 and #4. Of course because of this I ended up buying my DS Lite from a Toys R Us because of their lame policy (oh I would be very pissed if I couldn't return a unit that even had one defective pixel on the screen).

    You can still ask them about them at your stores and see what they'll do. If you don't get what you want try to just call Nintendo as they'll fix your cracked hinge for free and if you get lucky, may be asked if you want a different color when they replace your DS Lite (this probably rarely happens so try to ask the person if you can get a different color when calling in to send in your system, you may not get as much luck by e-mailing Nintendo).
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    I did some thing like this with ebgames with my blue sp when the black one came out. I bought the extended warranty. I "Accidentally" broke it. I called up some ebgames and told them i bought the warranty and its broke can i get a new sp and different color. One of them said sure thats where i went all I had to do was get a new warranty around 20$. Well it worked for me try also killing the unit botch a flash or something. this is just a little advice dont hold me liable if it dont work.