Replacing a DS LCD screen?

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    Oct 18, 2006
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    I made another post here a while ago about my ds having a cracked top screen.

    I have been in contact with Nintendo and theey say that they will replace it for a price of €60.

    However, I was considering buying a new LCD screen off ebay and try to replace it myself.

    Has anyone here done this before and would you recommend it? I mean, I don't have much experience soldering or working with electronics in general but if I took my time and be extra careful should I be alright?

    Also, if it took the DS apart would Nintendo know that I opened it up and therefore I could never send it back to be repaired?

    Any help what-so-ever would be greatly appreciated.
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    Screen replacement I have not done but I will say be extra careful with the ribbon, DS ones are especially annoying.

    As for return, I doubt the would know (no traps or "safety" features that I can recall) but do not count on it.
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    you don't need any soldering experience to change out either of the lcd displays, however you will need the following:
    - a tri-wing screwdriver
    - a jeweler's sized philips (cross) screwdriver)
    - a craft knife or a pin/needle (to remove the silicon squares covering the four screws on the top half of the shell as well as the two rubber feet on the bottom of the system)

    I posted a pretty good disassembly guide a while which can be found here:

    the part missing is disassembly of the top shell, which is actually pretty easy and is as follows:

    after disconnecting the ribbon cable for the upper lcd display as well as the wires for the wi-fi antennae and microphone from the the motherboard:
    - carefully pull the wi-fi antennae lead from under the cartridge port (make sure that if it binds, not to pull too hard. there are plenty of surface mounted components under the cartridge assembly, so you may have to "fish it" back and forth to get it to pull through).
    - remove the metal sleeve from the right end of the shell, and carefully feed both the wi-fi antennae wire, the microphone wire and the ribbon cable through the slot and hole out of the inner half of the lower shell.

    ** be careful not to damage the ribbon cable here!!! you'll need to angle the tip of the cable to get it to fit through the slot and release from the inner half of the bottom shell. **

    also note that reinserting the cable will be even more of a pain and you'll need to twist the ribbon to fit it through the right-side circular hinge portion when feeding it back through.

    - remove the 4 silicon covers on the inside of the top shell to reveal 4 philips screws.
    - unscrew the screws and slide the inner half of the top shell downwards to unlock the 2 halves.
    - from the front side, push the entire lcd display out of the inner half of the top shell.

    finally, when reassembling everything, take your time!!! I can't stress this enough since you will be jumping through a few hoops to twist the ribbon cable and feed it through the circlet in the upper shell half, then through the slot to get it back into the lower shell half.

    after feeding the ribbon cable through, you should be able to feed the wi-fi and microphone wires through the "center" of the ribbon cable spiral and then back into the inside of the inner portion of the lower shell half.

    after getting all this done, you can slide the metal circlet back over the ribbon cable and both wires and put it in place.

    one last word of warning, you won't have a lot of slack to try and reconnect the upper lcd display back into the connector on the motherboard, so use caution and patience. I found it easiest to open the case shell portions to provide the most amount of slack, and additionally angle the motherboard towards the ribbon cable (this is easiest if you turn the system upside down and try and work so that the ribbon connector on the motherboard is staring you in the face, rather than trying to work underneath everything.

    hope I haven't scared you yet. [​IMG]
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    Oct 18, 2006
    There is a video tutorial here.

    And in it he said that you need to soften the solder the speakers to the top Lcd in order to take them off.

    It doesn't seem that hard [​IMG] but from the video, it's obvious that this guy has done it loads of times before.

    thieves like us, are there any ways that Nintendo would know that I opened it up?##

    Thanks for the help by the way.