Hardware replacement parts for E?

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i've had this xbox 360 E sitting around for literal months because i haven't been able to source 2 very important parts for it, and even adapters are hard to find

- is the whole hard drive situation still basically impossible to do on the 360 or have there been breakthroughs to use any drive i want? i've got a ton of SSDs sitting around that i could just throw in, but if that still isn't an option for unmodded systems i'll stick to a usb drive
- this xbox 360 E is missing some of it's shell, and i can't find any replacement parts for it, i basically just need a replacement top and bottom for it
- the power cable is basically impossible to find, my current cheapest option would be to find an xbox 360 S to E barrel adapter, but all i can find are original brick to E adapters, which isn't useful to me at all since i don't have an original brick sitting around, and it'd cost just as much as buying a shady third party replacement power supply anyway, and since i'm on a very restrictive budget, isn't really that big of an option, even the shady unofficial ones go for like $70 in my country which is far too expensive for my budget

these are all i can find when it comes to just connector adapters, which definitely won't work in an E, and definitely can't be powered from an S

essentially, i've had this system for months and literally haven't been able to test if it works apart from the hard drive because i can't find a power cable for it ANYWHERE
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1. only for RGH/JTAG
2. Ebay?
3. Ehhh you could mod a ATX PSU to power 360's, tho I'd honestly say get a PSU and a converter if that's cheap enough.
alright so USB it is

nothing on ebay

and i already have an xbox 360 slim PSU, i just can't find any adapters to be able to use that psu, everything's just for the older bricks, and since i still actually use my slim, i'd rather not butcher the cable and do solder jobs with it


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Oct 11, 2011
To bad the redesigned Slims don't suffer from RROD, otherwise it'd be as simple as getting a broken one and swap parts.

Quickly checked online and they have Phat PSU's to E Slim pin adapters but no Slim to E Slim, pity.
Tbf I don't think I've ever seen a Slim to E Slim adapter tho.

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you'd think S slim to E slim adapters would be more available, considering how much more available S power supplies are compared to E

well, if there's no simple solution for now i guess i just gotta wait until i can pony up the cash for one of those overpriced third party solution then, rip

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i don't have any friends, let alone one that even has an xbox 360 lol
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