repair/fix a partial(?) defect M3 Lite (Perfect)

Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by Evilengine, Jun 15, 2016.

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    i got the M3 Lite (Perfect) Micro SD Card around 2007 and it was always a good one.
    There was a point when it started to have some issues.

    I saw, that the contacts are a bit scratched.

    I totally cleaned the contacts with alcohol and a rubber. That helped a bit to make it read better.
    When I put a 2gb micro SD into it, most times it normally starts into the menu, it shows the roms, but when I start it the booting process won't finish and it starts showing strange symbols and freezes.

    So I am wondering, is there a chance to repair it, as it is not totally broken?

    Other idea is, I could change the battery, I guess it could be empty and if I am lucky, that is the reason, not the contacts or a different error.

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  2. Localhorst86

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    since it does boot i dont think its the gba contacts.

    id also rule out the battery.

    have you tried a different SD card? it seems that either the card or the sd slot is wonky. It could be the contacts in the slot or the solder joints.

    either way, if you dont want to fiddle around with it or maybe don't have any use for it anymore, dont thrwo it out, send it to me :P
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