reno memo v2.20

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    seems to be a (chinese/english) text writer/reader? it's interesting. (actually, considering the name i guess it's more specifically for memos)

    download here (in chinese)

    creators site?

    some useful info here (again translate)

    from what i gathered, in the first screen you need to type a filename (8.3 format) ie. "osw.txt"

    now you can start writing. and it seems to autosave.

    A button: switch text writing mode between chinese to english
    B button: switch between read (green text) and write (white text)
    X button: ?? changes the mode or an option somehow.
    Dpad Up: enters the time of day
    Dpad Down: enters the date (YYMMDD)
    L & R (in write mode): special brackets (i don't know the name)
    L & R (in read mode): is up and down the page

    jsut thought i'd report it. we sometimes miss out on these chinese releases.

    another very useful nds homebrew is NewDictS, which although has been reported in the english community, alot of newer versions have since been released.

    I don't speak chinese, just gathering my knowledge through online translation and the odd english word.