Renegade 22-01-2009

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    Renegade 22-01-2009
    New Demo
    Renegade is a simple FPS in development for the DS made by iainprice.

    Author's comment on the latest release:
    Newer version available for you to look at, remember it is still very much work in progress. Comments welcome. Next tasks are grenades causing damage and perhaps some explosion animations.
    Still problems with height map.....
    Sound not looping great either......
    Will look at better graphics and character anim when engine completed.....


    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Discuss
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    Some photos:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    The looking around was very hard near the beginning but once it's been in game for a bit it starts to go normal. You can drive the Car and Tank but their movement is pretty laggy and very hard to control, couldn't seem to go up hills with them either. the bullets and grenades are just plain grey triangles, you shoot with L and throw a grenade with R. The enemies look like... I have no idea, they are these weird grey type things that slowly sink into the ground after you kill them (You can see one of them in my first photo). The HUD consists of your cross-hair which is a badly chosen colour as it blends with the grass making it hard to see, so you relay of your sense of where the middle of the screen is. It also has what I think is your ammo in the lower left and how many grenades you have used in the lower right.
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    Well, pretty impressing for a homebrew [​IMG]
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