renamed gamenames, and saves on m3, now won't work

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  1. tiddyman

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    May 1, 2006

    I got a m3 miniSD and my games where all a mess, so i figured i'ld rename them to make it somewhat more systematic.

    I heard that if i renamed both the games, and the saves it should be now problem.

    Now that I've done it, none of the saves work. I always got to start new game no mather what game it is. Also first time i load a game, it doesn't go to the "pick save" screen. I've tried booting up once and then replacing the save with a backup, but it still won't work.

    Anyone know if i can fix this someway?

    I'ld be very greatfull

  2. g.crow

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    Feb 26, 2006
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    you cant rename the save and the rom, wont work.
    the name of the rom must match the name of the save, so rename the save to what is was BEFORE you renamed it and the rom too.
    there is a tool to convert saves (dont have the link, sorry, search the forum). with this tool you can edit the header of the save and give it another name, then rename the save and rom to the name you gave it in the header.

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    Nov 21, 2005
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