Removing Blank Game bubbles that appeared after upgrading to 3.65 enso.

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    Hello so after upgrading firmwares to 3.65 I've found out some of my older installs from the vitamin and mai days stopped working. So i went and "uninstalled" them through the content manager like i did before updating, and found out that the games supposedly did uninstall but no space was cleared on my memory card and the bubbles still appeared on the home screen. after seeing this i went back into content manager and the said games appeared as shown in the attached photo so i reuninstalled them and the icons disappear but the space they use on the memory card doesnt. I've tried Refrishing the live area, rebuilding the database, and even checking the app folder for the title ids and nothing. I'm guessing my only option will be to sadly reformat the memory card and reinstall everything.

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    Grab the title IDs, open VitaShell and connect to your PC through USB. Go to the root of your memory card and use the windows search function for each title ID. Delete all results, disconnect from the PC and refresh your Live Area.
    I had to do that for a couple games I couldn't uncorrupt or uninstall properly.