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Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by Mchart, Mar 4, 2007.

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    Is this your first purchase from them? Sometimes when you first purchase something from an online store processing takes a little longer because they need to run background checks on your creditcard etc.

    It's pretty common for first time customers. But yes if it's taken over a week to just process the order then there might be something wrong.
  2. Mchart

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    Gameyeeah uses paypal. Meaning they do not directly deal with my creditcard. Not to mention I am a verified business member with paypal, using my own personal checking account to transfer funds to people. Meaning paypal would instantly transfer the funds to the gameyeah paypal account anyways.

    I won't bother making further replies in this thread unless something changes with my communication with gameyeah. I have made my point, and the onus is completely on gamyeeeah at this point.
  3. thegame07

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    Oct 16, 2006
    you think its bad waiting a week. i had to wait a month for my ds-xtreme. ( from another site)
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    I see that you are in the USA. Did you order from:

    or did you click on the flashing "US Customers click here!" link and order from:

    I've ordered from the second link twice already, and received the each order within about a week or two.

    I've also ordered directly from hong kong, with global UPS tracking numbers (playasia) and my items arrived in about 2 weeks (10 business days).

    I've also ordered from canada (kicktrading) and items have arrived via canadapost in just under 3 weeks.

    What have I learned? Items purchased & shipped from outside of the country that you expect them to be delivered at, will take some time for delivery. Patience is required - and if you don't receive anything from the company you've ordered from - or haven't heard from them within 4 days of your emails, then it is time to write an email stating that you're cancelling your order with them via your credit card within the next 24 hours - unless they give you tracking information, or explanation or a full refund.

    14 week days is not a long time to wait for your package to be shipped via standard post from across the united states - or even from across the oceans of another continent.

    EDIT: If you are going to demand that things be changed, please post up some facts so that your opinions will be taken for more than a grain of salt. When was your order placed, what was the exact url which you placed your order at, did you pay for anything more than standard shipping (next day, express, etc), how many times did you try to contact them - and what was written in their reply mail about the status of your order. None of these seem unreasonable to ask - and also, none of these questions break anyone's privacy - especially when you are demanding that things be changed.

    I step off the soap-box now. Plus, Mario is calling for my help to save the princess again.
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    I have no opinion either way but might I just mention it was Chinese new year on the 18th of Febuary which is the equivalent of Christmas as far as the Chinese postal service/buisness in general is concerned.
  6. Sebokie

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    Aug 6, 2006
    I have to say that everything was fine when i ordered my r4 from Gameyeeah. Shipping took probably more than a week, but for the price and for the fact that they are supporting gbatemp, i think it is not a great concern.
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