Remote Buttons Unintentionally in Turbo Mode

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    I am posting this here, because I assume the problem is a side effect of an IOS install or something else that I did.

    Anyway, whenever I hold a button on the Wiimote, or on a peripheral hooked into the Wiimote, it acts like it's in turbo mode. It will repeatedly press the button. It is not consistent though. If I hold a button down for 10 seconds, it might register it being held the whole time, or it might register it being pressed 10 times, or 30 times. It happens in all of my games, whether through the disc channel, or through USB loader, whether it's a backup or a disc. It happens on all my Wiimotes, and with both of my classic controllers. It does NOT happen in the system menu, or in homebrew. If I hit the home button, and bring up the Wii Remote Settings / Reset / Return to System Menu screen, it does not do it there. It only does it in Wii games. Gamecube controllers do not do it.

    For some background, this is the events that led up to this problem, since it would have to be software related.

    Today I dug out my Wii, and decided to try to get it set up to play my Gamecube backups on Dios Mios. It had been a long time, and I wasn't sure what kind of modifications I had done when I set it up. I used a guide to restore my Wii to defaults ( and then I followed this guide ( to reinstall everything. Then I installed Dios Mios, and it didn't work. Then I used Nintendont and it worked. So Gamecube works.