Reminder: dodgy link cables, you get what you pay for.

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    Feb 17, 2009
    Something I had long forgotten about, until I recently got a Revo K1 and wanted to show the kids how GBA linking worked.

    Some cheap link cables from fleabay only have 4 pins connected, and do not have a GND-GND (or even shields) reference.

    As a quick temporary test, you can connect the ground of the two headphone sockets.

    Typically you will find them connected like this:
    M2 (SO) - S3 (SI)
    M3 (SI) - S6 (GND)
    M4 (SD) - S4 (SD)
    M5 (SC) - S5 (SC)

    You can see this connects GND from the slave end to SI on the master, so the way I fixed it was to tap into the pin 3 wire on the master end and connect it to the shield.

    This is fairly easy to do:
    * Slide the outer casing back.
    * Loosen the cable retention crimp
    * Cut back the outer insulation 10-15mm.
    * Wrap the pin 3 wire (white, in my case, BYMMV) around the shield.
    * Add a dob of solder.
    * Test, re-assemble.
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