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  1. jesuschristmonke

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    Jun 13, 2008
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    The Global Economic Plantation

    I really want to talk about the band Sublime and how rad they are. But I made you click out of interest and now you're like "damn, but Sublime is rad, but I thought....ugh". I suppose you could draw a parallel to Rastafarianism to make this relevant, but that really isn't a religion. More like an excuse to torque up the buddha. So there you have it. Just say no to high prices, unless low prices involve foreign slave labor (which most everything does). You can't escape it really. Now I planned to go live like Thoreau in Walden Pond except that I need Philly Cheesesteaks which you can't get unless you singularly run a cattle slaughter house. And no one here does. And my same paycheck buys 2.5 less Cheesesteaks than last month, but no one will admit that they have their hand in my pocket taking out Ducats. Damn.
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    Dec 16, 2006
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    ...and the point of this was?
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