[RELEASE] Write permission unlock enabler for GodMode9

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  1. qwertyatom100

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    Apr 30, 2017
    So with the update to GM9 v1.0.0 d0k3 removed the option to unlock all write permissions from the GM9 homescreen.
    Not the biggest deal, but I liked this option, so I made a script to readd it into GM9.
    Attached is a script file to accomplish this.
    You need to clone GM9's repo from GitHub, and place this script file in the main directory.
    Currently Linux and Mac only, but hope to add a Windows version soon.
    Any questions or problems just ask.
    Hope you like this script!
    EDIT: Windows support has now been added to the latest release! :)
    You will need to copy the batch script and all of the dependencies to your source folder.
    This release also includes precompiled binaries for those who won't, or can't compile from source.
    Have fun with this new release!

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    Thanks :)
    Or you could just keep an older version, rename it WritePm_GodMode9.bin
  3. qwertyatom100

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    Apr 30, 2017
    I did that to start with, but there has been (at the time of writing) 156 commits since then and I like the new functionality of GM9 and having that paired with a write permission unlocker is great, for me at least. That's why I made this script, and decided to share it in case there was anyone else out there who wanted this as well.
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