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    Aug 17, 2016
    United States
    Hi guys, i wrote a toolbox to simplify the process of setting up homebrews on Playstation Vita.

    As an example - with one click you can downgrade to 3.65 with enso, yamt and some core plugins. No other files needed, VitaDeploy will download and install everything.

    It is of course packed with other features like file manager, storage format, internal memory creator, app downloader or sd2vita mount(er?).

    I also wrote a guide for hacking the PS Vita from scratch with VitaDeploy.

    It will probably see more use when/if the webkit chain gets released - its tiny and can be installed to vs0.

    GitHub repo link | Latest release

    Just Sharing This Was Made By
    snow yoichi
    u/SKGleba All Credits belong this Vita Developer !!!
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