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Sep 11, 2016
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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC is a role-playing video game developed by Nihon Falcom, the second of a trilogy of games in the Trails in the Sky series.
Initially released in Japan in 2006 for Microsoft Windows and 2007 for the PlayStation Portable, the game did not see an English release on Windows until 2015, due to the large amount of text needed to be translated.

A redesigned version of the game titled The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Evolution was released in Japan for the PlayStation Vita on December 10, 2015.
Evolution renovated the old designs and user interface and incorporated several new features such as voice acting and animation in scenes, additional illustrations, and enhanced battle tactics.

Note: This game is a direct sequel to Trails in the Sky FC Evolution. Please do not play this game without playing the first game.

This patch provides a full English patch for Trails in the Sky SC Evolution (known as Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution in Japan). It applies the XSEED translation from the PC version of Trails in the Sky SC (with Evolution-exclusive content translated by our team). This patch would not exist without XSEED's translation; please buy the original game to support them: [Steam] [GOG] [Humble]. Compared to the original Trails in the Sky SC, the Evolution version includes the following changes:
  • Fully voiced story, with over 40,000 voiced lines
  • Redone artwork with more character portraits and event images
  • Arranged soundtrack (with option to use the original soundtrack)
  • Text backlog by pressing Down on the D-pad
  • Hold X to speed up battles animations, cutscenes by 4x
  • UI improvements
Story Sample Video:

Gameplay Sample Video:

the database
—Project lead, programming, translating, graphics, testing
Snigs—Programming, editing, testing lead
daijanaikedo—commissioned artwork

Known Issues
  • Text will sometimes overflow slightly past the text box (but it should never go off screen and be unreadable).
If you find any other bugs, please email them to Snigs at snkfcevo (dot) eng (at) gmail (dot) com, and we will probably update the patch as we work on the other games.

System Requirements
To run this translation patch, you need:
  • A PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV running firmware version 3.60 or lower. For Vitas, buying from eBay is a good way to ensure that the version is 3.60 or lower and capable of running Henkaku, although they can be more expensive. For PSTVs, buying new on US Amazon seems to guarantee a firmware version below 3.60 and they are quite cheap at the moment.
  • A Japanese copy of Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution; physical or digital will work. It must be the Japanese version of the game, and it must be updated to the latest patch, version 1.02.
Installation (with rePatch)
Two files need to be patched: eboot.bin and data.psarc. Please ensure that your Japanese copy of Trails in the Sky FC Evolution is patched to v1.02, the latest version. The translation patch only supports the latest version.
  1. Install and enable the latest version of rePatch (2.71 alpha or later) if you do not have it already (instructions here). The link in the instructions goes to an older version of rePatch, make sure you get the latest version instead.
  2. Download the translation patch from the link below.
  3. If you have the physical version of the game, you may optionally use NoNpDrm to rip the game to your Vita so that the game card isn't needed to play the game (instructions here).
  4. Use FAGDec (download here) and do the following steps to generate a decrypted eboot.bin:
    Now run FAG Dec, select the desided game using X button and then press X button again on DECRYPT ALL(DONE). Press O to get back to main menu and press START button and select START DECRYPT(SELF) to start decrypting.
  5. In VitaShell, copy the following files to your computer:
    ux:0/FAGDec/patch/PCSG00489/eboot.bin (if you are missing this file, make sure you installed the latest game patch, v1.02, from PSN before running FAGDec)
  6. You will need to obtain a decrypted copy of the data.psarc file. Browse to ux0:app/PCSG00489 (for digital) or gro0:app/PCSG00489 (for physical).
  7. Press triangle, select Open decrypted. Press SELECT to open FTP server (switch it under START key if you have USB connection chosen). You must transfer over FTP, I've confirmed transferring over USB doesn't work and still gets the encrypted file.
  8. Using FTP client on PC, connect to vita, then copy either ux0:/app/PCSG00489/gamedata/data.psarc (for digital) or gro0:/app/PCSG00489/gamedata/data.psarc (for physical) to your PC.
  9. If you want the original BGM patch, also copy data0.psarc, which is in the same location as data.psarc.
  10. If you've followed every step correctly so far, you should now have a decrypted eboot.bin and data.psarc (and optionally, data0.psarc for the original BGM patch) on your PC, ready to patch.
  11. Use xdelta to patch eboot.bin. Use the following settings under Apply Patch:
    Patch: eboot-originalbgm.bin or eboot-evolutionbgm.bin from the downloaded patch, depending on which soundtrack you want the patched game to use. See the FAQ below for more information.
    Source File: eboot.bin copied from your Vita.
    Output File: anywhere, use eboot.bin for the filename.
  12. Use xdelta to patch data.psarc. Use the following settings under Apply Patch:
    Patch: data.psarc.xdelta from the downloaded patch.
    Source File: data.psarc copied from your Vita.
    Output File: anywhere, use data.psarc for the filename.
  13. Optional: use xdelta to patch data0.psarc if you want to use the original BGM. See the FAQ below for more information. Use the following settings under Apply Patch:
    Patch: data0.psarc.xdelta from the downloaded patch.
    Source File: data0.psarc copied from your Vita.
    Output File: anywhere, use data0.psarc for the filename.
  14. Copy the newly patched data.psarc and eboot.bin to the following locations:
    ux0:rePatch/PCSG00489/gamedata/data0.psarc (optional, for original BGM)
  15. Close VitaShell and run the game.

  • I get an error when trying to launch the game!
    Make sure that your original game is the Japanese version of Trails in the Sky SC Evolution, and that it's updated to version 1.02.
  • Will you work on Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution?
    Yes, it is planned eventually, but keep in mind that FC took over six months, and SC took over eight months to complete. It's likely that 3rd will require at least as much time as SC, if not more, but there's no way to tell for sure.
  • Will you work on Trails to Zero (Zero no Kiseki) Evolution and Trails to Azure (Ao no Kiseki) Evolution?
    Only if XSEED releases them on PC first. Again, please buy the Trails games on PC to support them and make that more likely.
  • Should I use the Original soundtrack or the Evolution soundtrack?
    I believe that the original soundtrack is superior overall, based on what I've heard myself and from what I've read online. We have also included the original opening animation as part of original BGM patch, since the Evolution version of the opening animation contains several spoilers. For those playing this game for the first time, I highly recommend using the original BGM patch to avoid spoilers in the Evolution Opening animation. For those that have played the PSP or PC version before, the Evolution version is worth trying if you want a fresh take on the soundtrack; some people do prefer it, and there are some Evolution tracks that I prefer over the originals myself. You can apply the patched data0.psarc at any time to switch the game soundtrack, so feel free to experiment.
  • My save files disappeared and I can't save the game.
    This is a known issue with dumped games on the Vita, where you can't save after leaving the Vita on sleep for a while and then resuming. Follow these steps in order to fix.
  • Can I swap the X and O buttons (X to confirm, O to cancel)?
    Try this homebrew: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-button-swap-plugin-for-taihen.453829/
  • How do I carry over my clear data from Trails in the Sky FC Evolution?
    If your copy of FC Evolution is patched with rePatch, it should be possible to carry over savedata without any issues. If your copy of FC Evolution was dumped with MaiDumpTool, follow these instructions to transfer your save.
Version History
The version of the translation patch you are currently running is shown when you first load the game (it looks like this). Please make sure you are running the latest version of the translation patch.

VersionDate ReleasedRelease Notes
1.1aAugust 4, 2018(Latest version) August 4, 2018 Updated to support rePatch and compatibility packs. No other changes;
the version will still display 1.1 when launching the game.
1.1June 19, 2018Fixed one instance of TODO text appearing during the main story. Also fixed some arts ranges and descriptions.
Compared to version 1.0, only data.psarc has been modified, so users running version 1.0 only need to update data.psarc.
1.0February 4, 2018Initial release.


Optional original BGM patch (Recommended for first time players to avoid OP spoilers, see FAQs for more details):

Again: This patch would not exist without XSEED's translation. Please buy the original game to support them: [Steam] [GOG] [Humble]. (Especially if you want Zero/Ao no Kiseki to come to the west like us!)



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May 4, 2013
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Quick question, if I already have this installed on my Vita with the patches and everything, what is the easiest way to move it over to my PS TV?

Edit: I didn't bother trying to figure out exactly what to copy/paste from one memory card to another but I just reinstalled it all and everything is working wonderfully! Although while I looked this up I've been sitting on the title screen for 15 minutes listening to the music and I can't wait to get started.

Thanks again for all the work you did bringing this patch over to the Vita version.
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Jan 28, 2019
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eboot-originalbgm.bin doesn't seem to be contained in any of the files.

Anyone know where we can get it?

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