Hacking [Release] SuperCard DSTWO SDK (v1.4) (Unofficial)


Sep 28, 2017
United States
Hello everyone, today I bring you something a bit unexpected, however I felt it's better released late than never at all. About a year or two ago I took a look at the v1.3 SDK (latest at that time), and noticed how rough around the edges it was with translations into English, it also recently came to my attention that apparently the structure of the SDK required administration permissions, which more so is kind of weird but nothing harmful was there obviously. I took it up with a friend about some of the issues I noticed (he too spotted some of his own and addressed them to me), and I am happy to say we got a nice result. The read me documentation is translated appropriately now and some corrections were made on where things compile and what not (since the SuperCard team sort of chopped up the SDK a bit on that). In terms of updating assets of the SDK period, not much was done quite yet except changes to where it builds the content and what not, overall some work still needs to be done to sort of bring it up to par by today's standards. Anyways though, here is the v1.4 SDK (unofficial) version. You won't have to use the outdated special Linux environment the SuperCard team provided either (I recommend you use something more up to speed of Linux anyways due to security reasons and what not for the operating system).

SuperCard DSTWO SDK (v1.4) (Linux):

SuperCard DSTWO SDK (v1.4) (Windows):
Work in progress...(the process is difficult, so don't take this as a promise, merely attempting)
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