1. cimo95

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    Oct 30, 2019
    Hello! it's my 5th thread, please correct me immediately if there's something wrong in this thread
    This thread is the part of SignaPic YasUI : Create YSMenu Theme has never been as easy as this

    Sorry my english is terrible, i'll try my best to explain this tool :(

    SignaPic YasUI Libs is a feature in SignaPic YasUI application thats let you to :
    1. DOWNLOAD YSMenu Theme/Skin from Database Collections
    2. SUBMIT your own Theme/Skin created with SignaPic Yasui, so anyone can use it

    {known bugs}

    1. I dont have an UNLIMITED STORAGE SERVER, so for this moment, you must upload your Theme/Skin Project to a file sharing host, then use the given link, to submit it to our server :(
    Please tell me when you find another bugs.
    If you will, for faster respond, you can mention me :)

    {tutorial : main}
    1. Run the application, and click "YASUI LIBS"

    2. Double-click an item on list to see the preview


    3a. Click on "USE" to use it immediately on editor. Depend on Project status, when the status is Finalized, nothing to do with editing.


    3b. Click on "SAVE" to download the project and save it


    {tutorial : submit new}

    1. Upload your project to any cloudstorage like Google Drive, One Drive or Mediafire
    2. Since direct submission server is no longer available anymore, send me your project information via conversation / inbox using this format, so i can post it on server for you :
    - your project link :
    - your project title :
    - your name (author for this project) :
    - your additional info about project (optional) :

    {tutorial : search}

    1. Click "SEARCH" button to begin the search

    2. On Search box, choose what kind of type you looking for, Title or Author name

    3. Enter the part of text you looking for, then the search will begin immediately


    4. When finished, press "RESET" to reset the search, and press X to close the search form

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  2. Jackk

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    Oct 8, 2020
    United States
    I keep trying to apply my background, but every time I click the "APPLY NOW" button, and chose the TTMenu folder, I get an error popup that says "Invalid Pointer Operation." How do I fix this?
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  3. cimo95

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    Oct 30, 2019
    Whoa, if so, you can try to make a dummy TTMenu folder in your drive D:\ or other drive which is not the SD Card, apply it on there, and copy the dummy TTMenu contents, into TTMenu on your SD Card. If problem persist, please let me know. Also if possible, could you please write any additional info like image file or related stuff :D

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    Update : i'll try my best, in effect of my website has moved to another host, theme submission will not working (i know this problem has occured long time ago, sorry :'( )
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