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Oct 16, 2015
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    I'm trying to inject a save into a game but I don't think it's overwriting the original save. I took the save files from Loadiine (so I have a c and a u folder). I created a folder inside "inject", the name of that folder is the title id of the game with the same region, and inside I made a "common" folder and put the contents of "c" in it, and made the "80000000x" folder and put the contents of "u" in there.

    I started the Saviine inject mode, and when I get the popup on my computer, I tried simply injecting the saves, and also tried the "clean and inject" option. It says success, however my game is still loading the clean save state that I originally created when I first ran the game.

    What could I try doing? I'm not sure what's wrong since Saviine says it successfully injects the save regardless if I simply inject it or if I choose clean and inject.

    EDIT: I redid everything from the ground up and I figured out what was wrong. I was skipping a step and trying to simply move all my Loadiine saves to the inject folder. Even though I had it properly formatted, it would successfully overwrite but load the old save. So what I did is I used Saviine to dump the fresh save from the game, overwrote the save files with the Loadiine ones, moved it to inject folder, started inject.bat, went back to home screen on the Wii, then I injected it again like I was doing before and now it truly successfully overwrites the old save.

    TLDR: Don't skip steps, dump the fresh save, overwrite the stuff inside with the Loadiine save, copy that folder to the inject folder, dump it, and enjoy the game.
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    so my cousin bought a used wiiu, and started BotW on the previous owners acct. he set up his own acct later after realizing that he never set one up himself. can saviine be used to transfer ownership of one accounts save to a different account? or is he just boned in this regard? keep in mind he *is* playing the game from the retail disc. not usb, internal memory, or loadiine.
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    hey, guys, im trying to dump zelda: botw and i always get this error after a while (its on my system memory)

    dumping common savedata
    error on FSOpenDir()
    error dumping common dir (maybe the game has no common folder?)

    anyone knows what am i doing wrong?
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    Am I able to use this to transfer my legit Breath of the Wild save from one Wii U to another? Me and my son both started playing on the same Wii U, but now I want to continue my game on another Wii U.
    Nintendo's official data management system is ridiculous.

    Edit: To answer my own question, yes I can :)

    It worked a treat. Thanks!
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